Reviews for Snow Sorrow and Shakespeare
Chiaroscuro chapter 1 . 7/25/2003
I'd have to agree with most of your views. It seems that you share many of the same doubts and questions that I tend to return to. In any case - your imagery and metaphor is beautifully done. The 'snowstorm' and 'spring squalls' seem particulary appropriate - both blinding and unbalancing the world. I may have read incorrectly, but the references to spring and winter remind me of the preferred times for major exams.

I find only a little to criticise here. The bitter tone seems unworthy of you. Despite the way it conveys feeling, a less acidic way of putting your thoughts may have gotten your message across a little better. Too often readers tend to discount those with the strongest or loudest voices - and often regard something more measured as more valid. Just a thought.

Hope some of that rambling mess helps,