Reviews for Alchemy 101
Pleonasm chapter 1 . 1/28/2004
Ahahaha! Who doesn't love chemistry class experiments? I personally loved seeing potassium combust... and of course, always being yelled at by my teacher for playing with the Tirril burner... and endangering his precious crucibles... lol, I know he can't wait to have me back next year! Nice work you have here too, by the way, lol
Chiaroscuro chapter 1 . 4/29/2003
This one was more than worthy of a few good reviews - so I decided I'd start. Your chemistry class reminds me of my own in so many ways, though your diction brings this fairly common sight into your own perspective quite nicely. It is also a well-chosen topic, if I may say so...who hasen't been inchanted with the 'magic' of Bunsen burners? I'm afraid I'm partial to your Alchemy reference...there's something inherently humourous about the first attempts at science. Reading some of Jonson has given me the impression that the Alchemist's were a bunch inclined to mysticism and symbolism. So much of this essence transcends your words, and I can almost see myself and my classmates as the wayward Alchemists in the times before the development of a 'standard' scientific method. it too presumptuous for me to ask an encore of you?

~~Suggestions for possible improvement:

Go try out some meter! It may seem difficult at first, but the end result is vastly rewarding. About meter...don't try to force it, otherwise it transforms into a serpent even grumpier than the critc's pen. ;

Only one more thing...I'm not sure I should say this - for fear of ruining wonderfully clear imagery - but you might want to try some similes that are uniquely yours. Go back over your poem, and I think you may find some decriptions that you've seen all too often in the past. This is not neccessarily a bad thing! Just...try to branch out a bit more as the mood strikes you.

Keep writing!