Reviews for The Right Rite? of Spring
Chiaroscuro chapter 1 . 7/25/2003
I must say that this piece seems one of your best. You have a delicious sense of irony, and this slightly more quiet tone would have served you well in 'Snow, Sorrow, and Shakespeare' - as referenced in my review of that poem.

Your second and sixth stanzas are very well done. The ending of that last stanza wrests the reader's attention sharply to heel. However, you seem to have multiple messages here. The first is perhaps a reflection on the futility of war. The second may be addressing the futility of reading or 'enlightment' when beneath war's shadow. They work well together, and I applaud your joining of the two.

I sense guilt and disbelief written into the whole of this poem - as well as a note of accusation. I suspect you may have answered your own question by now, but a part of this still seems touched with a slight immaturity - which may not be a bad thing. What I view as immaturity is taken by others as 'controversial,' so it's really a matter of perspective.

Again - I hope my drivel may be of use to you,