Reviews for Looking at the World Through ManGo Colored Glasses
SubliminalMsgs chapter 5 . 5/5/2004
Amazing! i really like this one. very very nice. i especially liked the structure and pattern of verses. great job!
SubliminalMsgs chapter 3 . 5/5/2004
nice...!. i liked ur use of the ellipces(sp? refering to the "..."). it gives it a stop and go kind of a feeling. good job! feel free to check out any of my work!
Lellida chapter 5 . 12/1/2003
O dear God. That was so chilling, disturbing, like a twisted nursery rhyme. I love the rhythm to it all- amazing, almost a mocking tone. *shiver*
glitterjewele chapter 7 . 8/3/2003
*GASP* an update

lol believe it or not i'm glad that the delay was just due to laziness ~ i was on the brink of sending you an e-mail regarding your state of alive-ness. :P now, i actually found this poem last night but i was so tired that my eyes were literally only half open and my mind wasn't functioning at all, and when you're reading something like this you need to be completely alert ~ especially when an interpretation is requested, yes? :P hence the little delay. but at any rate, i'm here now and i must say that this piece is very very tantalizing. before i say anything else, it must be said that this is undeniably beautiful. it flows very, very well and all your comparisons are clear as crystal and just as stunning. now upon reading this originally (last night when i had no grasp of anything period), i had *no* idea what on earth it could possibly mean. i think i switched concepts about six times, that first time through. rereading it tonight was much easier, but i still didn't have a solid idea. so what i did was, i compared it to poetry that i myself have written, and though it may have completely thrown me off, i noticed that pieces of mine that resembled this breathtaking piece of yours were mostly referencing a crush of mine who was above me on the high school popularity ladder, creating a mess of problems (if this is right you have to e-mail me and i'll be happy to commiserate with you :P). so, going on that line of thought, it sounded to me like the speaker was addressing a crush and recognizing imperfections *that weren't necessarily his fault* (i.e.-"you curse with false critics" ~ he's compelled by the false critics to curse with them), yet in spite of all this the speaker loves him and so continually excuses and/or blinds herself to the faults (i.e.-"between us you remain unbroken"). if i'm even remotely close or even if i'm a few galaxies away, i *love* the title you chose for this. the whole 'mirror' hidden meaning (yee-haw, latin actually came in handy for once, whaddaya know? :P) was really cool ~ kinda like a warped mirror that only shows what you *really* are on the inside instead of pretence. and then the english meaning worked too, although i took that metaphorically as well *blushes* i figured it would be looking into the *mind* instead of . . . er . . . other places. :P and hey! you actually taught me something! i always thought that a speculum could be a reference to seeing many things, like in different lights, or something, but webster proved me wrong *sigh*. ehem, yes, anyway moving on . . . favorite lines were especially difficult to choose in this one. all of them really got to me, and seemed extremely vivid. in the end, i somehow managed to narrow it down a little bit to these: "no future beyond your bright clear eye," "a backward window" (i think that one was probably my favorite line ~ such a neat concept!), "contracting pupils, crushing irises," "you curse with false critics" (came in second place by a hair, especially if it refers to what i thought the false critics referred to), "vile copycat, silly liar," "but an addiction of confessions are you," and "you remain unbroken." *wild applause* wow i had *so* much fun with this! and it was gorgeous to boot. you're amazing, chica! loved it! and please don't take so long to add another chapter this time around, ja? mustn't scare your loyal reviewers into thinking something horrendous has befallen you. ;) GREAT job. kudos!
salacia chapter 7 . 7/31/2003
well..i told u in person what i think...but hey! it is still a great poem!
Mikala2 chapter 7 . 7/31/2003
ah.. Sonata, Sonata... what can I say? allow me to gather my thoughts as to what I'm exactly going to say about this poem.

*sways head back and forth melodically as I gather my thoughts*

First, I just want to say that I love the title that you chose for this poem. I love all of the titles that you pick for your works... they are always so original & really eye catching. So, I want to compliment you on the title (where else would i start... lol!)I love how you always title your works so that there can be more than one interpreation for the work... i think that is something that is really unique about your writings.

Okay... now allow me to get to the actual work itself(lol!):

Okay, I think that you have really mastered free-verse. you have no limits to your creative energy(& i can tell that you have a lot of creative energy & things that you want to express & say) & with free-verse you're able to express everything that you want to say & get across to the reader. You are able to use all of the words that you want to use without being confined to a particular pattern.. so you are much more free when it comes to word choices(& by the way you have truly beautiful & magnificent word choices). So, in that way I think that free-verse really suites you well. I also think that structurally the poem is very good... you have strucured it so that the reader can really pause at certain places and really soak up everything that you're trying to express. So, in that way the structure is done quite well.

Now, I know i just mentioned this, but your diction is so beautiful & so desciptive in this poem. I got some really good imagery from this poem. Let me see.. the lines that I liked most were:

No future beyond your bright clear eye

You are a brittle trap

Boring deep into begging eyes

Those possessing shallows fathoms

& my favorite line was:

Contracting pupils, crushing irises,

I thought that that line in particular & the whole concept of the poem was so brilliant. I've decribed eyes before in my work & it is my favorite aspect(of people anyways) to decribe, but you have really taken that aspect of desciptivness, imagery, & diction to describe eyes to a whole new level~ a level that I have never seen in anyone elses work before(esecially mine... when i read it,i was thinking "now, why didn't i think of that word!"so.. okay *jealousy ensues* lol!) So, you are really gifted as far as taking the reader into your world & into your mind & giving them really tangable imagery that they can work with *applause for that* In an understatment: I love your decriptions. you have really different diction & i love your choice of wording. yes, it is true~you defintely have a way with words.(& yeah, i know what you mean.. shift F7 really does come in handy... i love it.. lol!)

Now, I suppose I should comment on the whole concept & theme behind this work that you have so dilligently written.(I suppose that would only make the review complete~lol) What can I say?...~ i really love the idea and concept behind it. Okay, this is me attempting to anaylize someone elses work(this is what the poem meant to me... whether it was what you intended it to be) Firstly, let me just say that I loved the mood to the poem~ it was really angsty & angry & somewhat dark if you will. I absolutely love that type of mood.. it's like three moods rolled into one poem... one work(like! i'm sorry, that just came to my mind when i said that~okay.. i'll shut up now & get back to the review) So, I really loved the mood. To me, this poem can either be a metaphor for all of your hopes and fears (in which, you are personifying those two things)or, you could literally be talking about a specific person (whether it be a friend or more likely a crush~ someone you're in love with(i don't mean "you" pesonally erin, i mean "you" in the universal & poetic sense") & this person possibly doesn't realize that you love them) To me, it seems like the poem is an omage and angry poem at possibly someone who is being really fake & really phony... & who is one way at one time & then comletely different at another time (okay, i hope that makes sense.. sometimes my ramblings can be kind of confusing.) But i was thinking that that's what it could be b/c of this line:

"Within you lies two worlds"

& it could be that the speaker is in love & that person that they love are oblivious & don't even realize it.& about how the speaker in the poem realizes all of the destructivness emotionally that results from their thwarted longing. To me... that is what it means. I absolutely love that concept(if that's what was intended) & with your word choices you really descibed that type of anguish so so well. & i loved the way you ended it too with:

Thus between us

You remain unbroken

To me... thats almost like saying... the speaker in the poem knows how destructive this unrequited(sp?) love is, yet to the speaker,they love this person... so the person remains "unbroken" to them. If that's what was intended, i love that. It kind of has a "love is blind" message. I'm probably way off base here on the interpretation, but it's what the poem was for me anyways & i think that's what's important.

I think that you are a really gifted writer Sonata... you have a raw edge & really know how to say what you want yo say.

keep it up

~i'm really looking forward to your future works.

salacia chapter 2 . 6/29/2003
I have heard this one before...i love your stories need to write more!
Meghan Dresner chapter 6 . 6/13/2003
This poem confuses me, and I like it when things confuse me because I like figuring them out. The first stanza seems to symbolize a young actress or actor on stage that haven't been practicing for their part. The second stanza clear up that thought. 'For your phantom'. Hm...well, the third stanza seems to make it seem like the actress was all dressed up, but still felt out of place up on stage. The rest of it stands out all too well. I like the 'cloak echo' part. I don't really know why, but I do. Yet another great poem! Bravo!
Gonagona chapter 5 . 6/10/2003
i like this one! it's really good. i like #4 too, but i really like this one. bye bye tom. sorry, i'm watching chamber of secrets. one more and i've read them all, ttyl!
glitterjewele chapter 6 . 6/9/2003
*wild applause for a splendid performance* i really, really liked this! i guess part of it is because i feel like i can completely relate - even though most of the time i'm caught up in the performance, i can definitely remember this one moment when everything kinda stopped and i felt just EXACTLY like what you've so stunningly described here. it's gorgeous. i LOVE it when people stop time, and when you work with this particular subject it's even better because theatre's such a soft spot *sigh*. alright WOW how am i ever going to pick and choose favorite bits out of this one? *deep breath* here goes nothing: "transparent dancer/paralyzed," "your glasseyed doll/pinched and painted" (i think of everything, those two lines created the most potent image for me, they were awesome), "a costume jewel," "a cloaked echo" (very possibly the favoritest favorite), "in the empty eye" (ghostly and chilling, like it muchly), and "throw the roses." i dunno, there's just something about throwing the roses that's entrancing me . . . i can see them flying apart under the main spotlight . . . you know suddenly i have this image of a bullfight in my head, that part at the end when the crowd throws roses into the ring for the matador - must be the effect of 'execution' and 'prance' in the preceeding stanza, very cool. another wonderful chapter! also, i noticed that you're starting to accumulate reviews - congrats! it's about time you start getting some recognition for this fantastic collection. great work so far, keep it up! kudos!
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 1 . 6/7/2003

i had to turn off me "prevent mean hackers" program but hey! i think praising your amazing poetry is more important than bumming those obsessive hackers out.

wow, ok this just brought me to tears, it was so lovely,i mean putting aside the fact i have no idea where i am with god, the poem touched me in so many ways.

i think it was just the amazing context in which your wrote the words, and your fantastic description, again very power, and left me with an imagination headache when i had finished reading it. the line which just spoke to me, and put the most lovely song and image in my head was "I am left to bleed to death, and cry an aria of tears," - HOW DID YOU THINK OF THAT - it was amazing, it knocked the wind out of me with what it added to the poem, not only was i seeing raw images but i had some a beethoven aria going on in the backround.

oh it was lovely.

ok so that was obviously my favourite line, but also another one was "stops my symphony/of beautiful sadness." lol have you noticed an obsession with music yet? eek. ok this was truly breath taking, i loved it so much, kudos and many many bravos
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 4 . 6/7/2003
ok i am officially on a mission...make my computer LET me review "A Lament" because it brought me to tears with its beauty and mesmerising darkness.

ok right but im here to review the veil...why why why? tis beautiful the way it is, its simplness adds to its power, and its meaning. the quickness gave it a hectic feeling, which just fit perfectly of the theme of what i thought of as lost love/masks type thing, i dunno, when ever i myself try to interpret a poem im always to wrong im pretty sure i offend the authour, so scratch that. the power of the poem was just another strong point extreme words such as tear and die really set the atmosphere for me. i thought "black veil" was a stroke of magnifico, because it gave me such a clear picture, and so god me started imagining the rest of the poem. my fav lines...

"Hide and die behind your black veil"

"And rid oneself of passion and want and

Love forever."

wow, kudos, you are drasically talented *oh in a VERY good way*

P:S dont get me started on so bad at it that ive come to teh conclusion it has a conspiracy against me - its in league with algebra and claranets.

And chemistry *rolls eyes* ok who CARES if the equasion isnt balanced!

lol, so dont worry, your not alone.
Mikala chapter 6 . 6/6/2003
I must say that I really enjoyed reading this collection. First of all, I think that the title is great and very creative. I think that you have a very good writing style. I enjoyed your free verse poems. I think that free verse allows a bigger outlet for more raw emotion, and your free verse poems really touched on that. I thought that your more structured poems such as "Monster, Monster" were quite excellent as well. The rhyme scheme seemed very natural and not quite so forced as some other aspiring poets do. I also really liked "Don't." I think that your use of metaphors in all of these poems is very good.

Good Job!
morrow chapter 1 . 6/6/2003
this is one of the most exelent works i have ever read. You can almost feel the raw emotion and the passion of this work. it is a true master pice
Meghan Dresner chapter 5 . 6/4/2003
Heehee, I like the last part best. The poem keeps an eerie feeling as you go through all the stanzas. I liked the tightening noose part. The descriptions in this poem are clear and and actually flow like a minature story.
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