Reviews for Looking at the World Through ManGo Colored Glasses
Meghan Dresner chapter 3 . 6/4/2003
Another one I like. When people say don't they actually do it. That confuses me sometimes. This poem confuses me, but in a good way. Throughout most of it, I was trying to figure out what it was I was trying to avoid, but at the end it answered my question. That was a wonderful way to set it up.
Meghan Dresner chapter 4 . 6/4/2003
I really like this. It has a great idea behind it with the loneliness and the want to love forever. The ending was really interesting when the speaker wishes to share 'your' veil. Very nice!
glitterjewele chapter 5 . 5/30/2003
oh my gosh this is so utterly FANTASTIC. it even ties unfathomed for the best poem in the series. it's just . . . WOW. hidden morbidity written in the form of a children's nursery rhyme - god you're brilliant. i mean, there are no WORDS, i can't even convey, i'm essentially speechless right now one moment please.

*elevator music while jewele pauses to collect thoughts* *deep meditative breath*

okay. first, the technicalities. you have the most amazing rhythm running through this, and it RHYMES, and it rhymes WELL. do you even know how much of an accomplishment that is? do you have any idea how many poets i've reviewed on here who tried to rhyme and could not for the life of them make it work? ? ? it's VERY impressive that you can keep up the rhythm AND rhyme with meaningful words without breaking the beat. so, much applause for that one. *claps enthusiastically* also, i thought it was an awesome choice to begin each stanza with a repeating word - it did an excellent job of setting the mood. now, the theme . . . i loved this. the world IS monster and you do such an incredible job of conveying how life infringes on childhood innocence. one part that hit home really well was the fate of the doll - a wonderful choice for symbolism.

alright favorite stanzas and lines: "waiting, breathing/wants her dead" (chills), "hopscotch, tea time," "dolly, dolly/at her side/holding on/but cannot hide," "mommy's gone" (so very simply cryptic), "dolly's dead/still as night," "to the world/she must be led," and "we all fall down" (shivers! i can't imagine a more perfect way than to end it with an allusion to humpty dumpty. i mean, what a horrible story when you're a child! fit's like a puzzle piece).

i thought this was utterly amazing. each chapter you write is more brilliant than the last. i'm so glad you're updating it! and i'm also glad you decided to change the order of the series! now all you have to do is leave a few long reviews to strangers and draw them in pr-r-r-r-e-c-i-o-u-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s (i loved the whole 'smeagle is free!' thing in your last review, btw, it made me smile on a bad day :). much kudos to you, chica, you rock majorly!
Gonagona chapter 3 . 5/29/2003
and u said this was bad! it isn't!

i like it, and i really like that unfathomable one, it's really good! i'd read the last one but my mom is yelling at me to do the dishes, don't be so negative, they're great!
glitterjewele chapter 4 . 5/28/2003
o chilling. very dark and morbid - excellently written. many thoughts relating to feminism ran through my head while i read it. i actually saw the whole thing as a complex double entendre with multiple deeper meanings. i won't plague you with all of them since i'm not entirely certain they were meant to exist, but as i feel interpretive right now . . . :P originally i thought the black veil was marking the woman as a new widow, which went nicely with the entire lonliness and pain theme. but then i re-read it and i thought hey, this could be a reference to the opressed women in the middle east and afghanistan area where they have to wear veils against their will, so then this could be representative of INTERNAL lonliness and aggravation, which made it even MORE powerful. and the other part was "rid oneself of passion and want and/love forever." at first i was going to suggest that you give Love its own line for impact and sound, but then *gasp* what might this be: "rid oneself of . . . love forever" OR simply "and love forever" which mean two entirely different things, which was completely mind-boggling and now i think it was a brilliant move because the way you have it, it can be interpreted either way whereas if you were to put 'forever' on the next line the only possible reading would be the surface one. lol so yes, i'll spare you everything else (it's probably not even close to what you meant anyway). just know that i thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and i hope you update again soon! oh yes, and congrats on surviving exams! ;) *applause*
glitterjewele chapter 3 . 5/14/2003
*tummultuous applause* wonderful! I LOVE COLLECTIONS! ! ! ;) you are obviously very talented and i enjoyed reading this!

each of these chapters was completely different - which i actually think is a good thing: keeps you on your toes, you know? and your title is GENIUS. absolutely caught my eye.

what i liked most about the first chapter was its insane and bizzare detail-in-motion. the story really drew me in. kinda felt like i was in the middle of a rather powerful whirlwind - which is always an awesome feeling. the line that REALLY wowed me in that one was "the heart wasn't dead though." GREAT move in setting that one apart by itself - created a great impact. i also really liked the "slash. left. right. left. slash." bit - it was awesome. had some captivating and gruesome but also beautiful (!) images. the ruby-red dew and the raining red drizzle come to mind. you know i was thinking, if you have any other pieces like this one . . . maybe you could bunch them together into a collection of stories and list them under original fiction rather than poetry. it's so awesome it makes you wonder why nobody has reviewed it yet, yes? i'd be willing to bet that people took one look and said, 'psh, that's not poetry' and brushed it off *stupidly!*. if you listed it as a story, people would probably give it more of a chance. 'tis purely a matter of format, m'dear! but really, you ought to do something because it's too good to be ignored like this. *ehem* right, anyway, moving on . . .

i found 'a lament' to be quite enjoyable (which is saying something, since spiritual poetry doesn't usually impress me - it always seems to be missing that profound aspect that it ought to be conveying . . . not so in this piece). "the sleeping murderess arose," really jumped out at me. also really liked "like the hands of the violin/cry a melody of far away sorrow," and "string of faux pearls." as a side note, in the line, "you will except me," i think you may have meant to write "you will ACCept me," just to give you the heads up ;). overall, a very nicely-written poem that conveyed some great emotions.

and finally, 'don't'. i really liked the general aura i got while i read this one, made me feel trapped, kind of. almost reminded me of an insane asylum. definitely my favorite part of this one was the "prick your finger," bit toward the end. it just seemed to pop off the page at me. (funny how there always seems to be ONE line in each of your poems that does that . . . such an awesome touch!) enjoyed the hunted feeling - especially at the end "you will scream . . . it will hear . . . you will die." just brilliant.

this was quite an accomplishment! i hope you continue the series as i enjoyed it very much and will certainly be back to read more in the future. kudos chica!
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