Reviews for Eye of the Beholder
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 9 . 7/7/2003

my mind is like a movie theatre at this moment, never has any other authour, nor any of YOUR other poems tackled me with so many beautiful pictures, its like those old cartoons, where they make out the caracters to look so beautiful and graceful, your poem had that quality to it, one of exguisite styles and old fasioned beauty. in other words it was a fairytaleorama *i do have a way with making things sound like the corniest thing in the world dont i* I LOVED IT - and it had a slow story in there as well which i loved because it wasnt exactly bolding there for me because i often only look at the images so it was only the second time i realised the story 8thats just me because my brain is like a sqashed peanut*. reading it for the 3rd time now, it just so lovely and ethereal in an alice in wonderland way - yes the cinderella bit has now obsessed me...i lovged it, you know i think its a fairytale in its self *unless it already is one...?* one where the un goes dancing lol cool, i like *oi with the corniness already* k well im degrading your poem by my infinite typing, i loved it, your getting better every day, you rock my poetic world and so on...

"Always and ever serving the oppressor,

And silently pondering on the arrogance

Of a moon-lit sun" i loved that bit the most because it was so real amongst the dreamy other parts of the poem, quite a contrast *to me anyways* kudos, it was magnifico!
Jimmy Jazz chapter 9 . 7/5/2003
Oh... excellent job here, fantastic as always, I love this collection... so excellent, the only word for them is wow.
Lieschen chapter 9 . 7/4/2003
WOW...just seeing your author alert in my inbox made my day already. But reading im in such a good mood. Where do I begin ? Fave line: "dreary second-rate-light-life" you'd think the hyphens would get cumbersome but this line just flowed. Close Second Fave: " the mirror of her inferior" WOW...loved the rhyme, never in a million years...the whole poem was just excellent,as always !

not sure yet chapter 9 . 7/4/2003
haha, that last part made me laugh, which im sure it probably wasnt suppose to, but it did, but dont take that the wrong way, my humor is screwy, ANYWAYZ, very beautiful, love the imagery and the fairy tale references, makes it seem much lighter then it really is suppose to be i think, much like the original fairy tales themselves, anywayz, muchly love this, "With translucent stars for soap bubbles" "Before discarding her to an abandoned corner of the sun-drenched sky/To drift and act as an invisible looking-glass," love it all, awesome job
The Black Rider chapter 9 . 7/4/2003
I loved it, as usual. A bit choppy in certain areas, but overall it has beautiful descriptions and lovely and fulfilling images.
Jimmy Jazz chapter 8 . 7/1/2003
Yeah, this is definitely my favourite one so far of this collection... either that or Victim. Brilliant use of words here, excellent work.
Starknight chapter 1 . 6/30/2003
Hmm, I liked the vocabulary you used. It added a lot. The conflict part at the end also added to make it interesting. Also, thanks for reviewing my poem, they don't get much attention.
The Black Rider chapter 8 . 6/25/2003
Sorry I didn't review this sooner, but the finals, that glorious time in which every teen does backflips of joy, has just come and gone, so now I have to catch up with you guys. This is, as always, an excellent piece. Keep up the good work and have a great trip. We all await your return.
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 8 . 6/22/2003
*hug* oh you poor thing, CAMPING how nightmarish, lol but then thats just me...


3 different types of poetry i like, insane poems, dark poems, and ballad type poems, this was absolutely insane. now i dont know whether it was the titale which planted the idea n my head but the whole way through i just kept on getting reminded of alice in wonderland and all its confusion and fustrating puzzles. for instance...

"A nauseating whirlwind of illogical thought

Punctuated by the odd object of illogical action;

The walls, the floors, even the ceilings

Hissing and seething with self-righteous stupidities," i loved it so much, it was so chaotic and absolutely contrasting that it kind of made my mind go into an insane craze for the whole period i was reading the poem and for a while afterwards infact im still insaene but then who's to say i wasnt "frogs and snakes of insanity" that was pure coolness, very cray and such a great 2nd line i just knew i was gonna love it straight away. and the murmurings was beautiful, such a gentle touch to such a rough and tumble poem.

"A breath of reason in the middle of a smoky ocean,

A crystal raindrop on a widow’s web of death:


once again the alice in wonderland confusing and win again lose again atmosphere. the structure i also loved with the one word on the 1st and last lines, its details like that which make your poem all the more perfect and enjoyable to read.

k, well id rant and rave a while longer if i didnt have this stupid pile of homework shoving itself down my throat, andrew lloyd webber here i come *although i know im doing it completly wrong i am in no mood to care* kudos, i LOVED it
Lieschen chapter 8 . 6/20/2003
once again spectacular work. totally amazing...can't think of anymore compliments ! *collapses unconcious on the keyboard*

Lieschen chapter 7 . 6/20/2003
Haunting and painful...such imaginative and beautiful writing. wow...

not sure yet chapter 8 . 6/20/2003
o, thats just another incredible poem that i just adore, i mean like wow, seriously awesome stuff here, "A nauseating whirlwind of illogical though" "Dragging me downward through the rabbit hole/To drown in screaming smiles of Cheshire cats" alright, think alice in wonderland here, lmao, but thats good, love it still and the whole screaming smiles, i just really had this image of scary sharp teeth in just that sadisticly pleased smirk and just all over the place...i udnno, love that, and the beginning too was also quite brillant, starting with the one word and just the dot dot dot dot, really set the mood up nicely, and then frogs and snakes of insanity that drip outta peoples mouths, heheheheheh, i love it, esp when its suppose to be WISE people, its just different, odd, a bit sick if you imagine it and i LOVE it, lmao, excellent job
Lady of the Moon chapter 4 . 6/19/2003
Great! The phrasing was wonderful!

Asta Chantrea Orra
disheartenedwolf chapter 7 . 6/18/2003
oh wow. Amazing work. I love how you seperated your poems into chapters. It's kind of like Karen Hesse's "out of the dust". Keep it up! D
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 7 . 6/18/2003
WHAT! omg the review button is working holy my cow.

ok so ive snuck out of bed to especially try and review your poem...again...dunno what it is tis a very random thing. ok so onwards...

*faint* loved it, best chapter, i doubt whether you can beat it *but i think you knew i was gonna say that cause im a sucker for dark poems* it was just so ethereal and although the theme was quite saddening you managed to make it seem like like a beautiful dancve of words. so in other words you could be writing a poem about 2 lovers who are dancing and who also happen to be dead...have been rotting for shall i say...10 billion would probebly make the scene seem beautiful...hay cool il hvae to right that down talk about inspiration by review...anyways so doy uo get the picture, your words are beautiful, i could have just said that...but then im a fluff so i didnt.

"Plastering the floor like scattered kisses,

Like rejected wads

Of a poet’s notepad;" - amazing just an utterly fantastic line, very imaginable and so contrasting with the other images you project, very lovely.

"Wisps of skin clinging to broken glass:

Mortality’s ghosts.

Under the sobbing sun,

A soul rises" that would have to be my favourite segment, very haunting...i especially liked the "moralitys ghosts" line, very very mind bogling with all the implications behind it *by the way im presuming that the theme is drunk driving?* the different aspects of the subjects and the different effects it has only the victims who did nothing and the drunk which in most cases take their lives. this was absolutely one of my most favourite pieces of yours, very meaning ful, while taking account of the dark side *muahaha* kudos, beautiful
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