Reviews for I'm Sorry
A friend chapter 1 . 8/26/2003
No. In response to your final question, NO. I'm every bit as selfish as you, and if you die, i'll die. It's as simple as that. You won't know which friend this is. Hell, I don't know how many there are, but I care about you, I need you to show strength. IT WILL GET BETTER. If it doesn't, I still won't give up on you, alli, i never will. I told you that once. I would walk to the end of the earth and jump into the pits of hell if it meant one minute where you smiled as you did when I first met you, out there on the lawn. The sun poured over you, and though you wore the dark clothes and long sleeves that might have held the clue, I didn't see it. You were with friends. Your happiness might even have been real. And these things you tell me should never make you feel sorry, never. I want to know. I want to help, and the only thing that ever makes me sad, sad enough to think of the blade in my own room, is that I am powerless to stop the things that happen to you, the things NOBODY should deal with. You are beautiful, mind, body, and spirit. I wish you'd see that, but now I'm telling you straight out. You are worth it. You are worth the entire worlds time, and there are people who will never forget your name, people who if you dropped off the face of the planet, would jump off after you. And I don't care if you can't extend a hand back, You'd first need a decent foothold, and I'm just glad you're trying to get one. It shows that you do care. The writing here, saying what you feel, you do care about us, you try. Whether or not you feel that way, I do. I have never once even thought that this was uneven, except when I believe I've let you down. My right leg attests to my idiocy witht the word Moron. My neck attests to my idiocy with the memory of the noose that broke.

I do love you, I need you, and if anything ever happened to you or anyone else, it would be the end for me.

I'm sorry, I know this is just more pressure on you, more things to think about, but if it keeps you alive, unscathed for the time it took to read it, then this whole thing was worthwhile. Please know we want you here. And know that nobody is in the sugary nirvana, the whole damn world is in the mire. The ones who are lucky only have their chins above, while you, the one we want completely out, are drowning. We want to help you... We want to save you. Please, please tell us how so we can stop failing you again and again.
Nia only one review per chapter whats up with that chapter 1 . 6/6/2003
i read mystic kiwis, and both of these are great. It sounds like both of you have some problems that need to be worked out, especially with the guilt thing. and you cant kill myself, you're the only one who emails me! so what if we've never met in person? its a great poem, and i really understand were you're coming from. keep writing!

Phoenix d'ambre chapter 1 . 6/5/2003
Well, i went down to the bottom to read the better summary and so now i'm wondering, should i read Mystic Kiwi's poem first, or yours, or does it not matter? let me know and i'll give you a real review, thanks.

obsidian sorceress chapter 1 . 6/1/2003
Tell your friends that you like the way you are and don't want to change a thing about yourself. I say, if someone doesn't want to be save then leave them. After all, you can't save everyone can you? I'd rather save myself first before I try to save someone else, that is, when I'm feeling unselfish. Anyway, I beg to differ when you say LOTR are the best books ever written try george r r martin his song of ice and fire series is way better
The Gatekeeper chapter 1 . 5/25/2003
Your imagery is impeccable, love. You seem to fully understand emotions on that side of the spectrum, and your views of the world and life are solid and unchanging. I admire people who are confident enough in what they believe to do that.

As far as your life goes, I don't think dying is the right thing to do, but that's not my decision. "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem", but I don't know what you go through. It may not be temporary. But in the five minutes that I've known you existed, I've seen such intelligence, such potential, such feeling. Even while you might not see it, you've got plenty of reasons to live, and many of those reasons lie within yourself. I wish you luck in the journey of live, no matter what road you take. I know you'll make the decision that's right for you.