Reviews for The Moon is made of Bone
Moon Dusk chapter 5 . 6/23/2003
Poor girl I think she's the Werewolf am I right? And poor Geoffrey he loved her so much . Good fic I wonder if anyone will die soon? Anyway great character's wonderful plot you are a amazing writer. So when are you going to update ? Soon I hope_
poohba chapter 5 . 6/23/2003
I'm glad you updated!

This story is awesome. This is so well-written it really could be published. Your characters are multi-faceted and your descriptions are awesome.

I can't find anything to fault with it. This is another beautiful chapter.
E chapter 1 . 6/5/2003
Real good. Keep up the good work.
poohba chapter 4 . 6/4/2003
This is quite a plot you've spun! There's Isabeau, who's more than likely a werewolf... Geoffrey, who used to have a crush on her... Villagers dying left and right... And poor Valeran, who's just beginning to understand. I feel very sorry for him, and Isabeau too.

This story is very well written... And I'm glad you updated so fast! Please don't leave us in suspense too long this time either!
Chelerri chapter 4 . 6/3/2003
Good, very 've got me scared now...I keep on getting irked up at Very good story though. I like your plot. I feel so sorry for Isabeau for some reason. She's not evil at heart, it's just that her bite probably effected her. I'm guessing that Valeran eventually kills Isabeau without knowing it was her with the knife that she gives him. He thought he was defending himself against a's just a guess, that's all. I hope you continue writing!
poohba chapter 2 . 6/2/2003
This is a great beginning. I hope you continue with it.

I love your description. This story reads like something you might find in a published book. The plot sounds great so far too... I don't normally go for werewolf stories, but I'm eager to see more of this one. It's going on my favorite's list
silver eyed author of child of the cells chapter 1 . 6/1/2003
great i love this. what secrets is Isabeau hiding? Come on tell me tell me! O and whilst your at it, reviewth my story!

i have never been a first reviewer before.

adios-Silver Eyed