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murky chapter 1 . 11/17/2004
Thanks for reviewing! (haha, I realised this was one of the stories I had wanted to read, but never got around to. I'm doing it now! )

The only thing bout this is that (I'm not too sure how tarot cards work and all) but I thought YOU shuffled it and then the person picked cards out from there or something like that. Cause otherwise, how'd the "cards" know that it was YOU in particular that they represent? I will go check that for you if I come across a pack of cards. and doesn't the person explain a bit..? Paying 5 bucks to just have someone pull out 3 cards for you seems like such a ripoff! haha. But great writing so far )

(except that blur me thought that Malcom was a girl right at the beginning and I was wondering why she had a guy's name \ haha)
Keighan chapter 19 . 11/16/2004
Something's going to go wrong soon. I mean seriously, I don't think Malcolm has good enough luck for something not to go wrong soon.
Kayli chapter 19 . 11/16/2004
I've been reading this since the beginning... I'm horrible with reviewing and you figure I wouldn't be seeing that I have stuff on too and I want it reviewed. But absolutely wonderful chapter, as always. I love the description of Malcolm as a sort of detached boyfriend... it's interesting.
BKGal-24 chapter 19 . 11/15/2004
What? You're sad about 200 reviews? Kidding...I was going to write you a nasty email around November 5th begging you to update on the life of the ever adorable Malcolm because it had been a month, but you also have like fifty other stories you're working on and a life. I'm kidding about that too. I'm not a very mean person. Just can't do it...Anyway, I suppose this chapter was worth the wait. Yeah, a little graphic, but not over the top. Realistic is always a good word choice. Everytime you update, I totally feel like I'm just reading someones journal...getting in their head. It's cool. You're a terrific writer and it makes me wonder what you're going to do once you graduate and move off to college...if you're going to pursue writing or you're like me and do it for fun.
Grunge Muffin chapter 19 . 11/15/2004
Well, I think this is a brilliant story. I really love it, and have been reading the whole way through. I think you're a very talented writer. So if you do keep going, I'll read it!
Heaven Take Me Home chapter 19 . 11/15/2004
That was an absolutely amazing chapter and I love how you captured the moment.
Twisted By Design chapter 18 . 10/25/2004
Ok, for starters: I'm really really really really sorry I haven't reviewed for the last few chapters. I've been so busy lately I barely get one night a week to myself, so I usually only have time to write for my own story. And yet, here I am. This review won't be as long as others because I have about. . .um. . .zero time left.
The past chapter...chapter 17, I think, was lovely. First off, his mom wants him to see a psychiatrist? Yeah, ok. She can die for that one. He's not crazy, he's just trying to make a life or death decision. What else? Jon has to move to his aunts? *whimper whimper* I'll miss him. He's such a. . .good character. Seriously, he seems so real. (Granted, that's probably because everyone know's someone like Jon-minus the abuse). And lastly for chapter 17: his double teaming with Jayce. At first I was all "Aww, that's cute, she just wants to talk with them." and then you pulled a tricky move by making them make out. And Malcolm! He started to cry. So sad. Not that I can blame him, it must be overwhelming.
Okies. Chapter 18. Malcolm is crazy. Awesome. Alright, so maybe he's not, but it's fun to think about, and quite frankly, having little boys claw the buggies out of his arm isn't really cool in my book of What Constitutes Normal. Malcolm won't be playing on the baseball team. Or will he? I can't remember what the verdict was. (I read this chapter around when it came out.) What else. . .what else. . .oh yes! Malcolm tells Jon he's dying. It's times like this that I could get into other character's heads. I wish I knew what Jon was thinking, but you've made him so introverted with his 'emotional' side. Hmm. I think that's all I can mention now.
It was longer than I expected. (My review). But I'm about to be kicked off the computer again, so keep up the great work, sorry for the rushed review, and update soon!
girlsbleedglitter chapter 18 . 10/14/2004
Hah, who doesn't? Such a strange little hallucination he had. I have a bad bad feeling about Octavia going to that dance. Nothing will good will come of it, I'm guessing. Can't wait for more.
purple sea chapter 18 . 10/13/2004
nice chap!
DragonsEclipse chapter 18 . 10/11/2004
Hey! Sorry I didn't get to this sooner.
I hope Malcolm is going to be all right. It sounds like he really might die. I wish Malcolm would stop working for Aaron.
I feel bad for Jon and his sister. For a little kid of be so afraid of going home... it's just sad.
I did have a longer review, but FictionPress was messing up and I can't remember what I originally wrote.
Anyway, keep up the great work! Update soon! _
BKGal-24 chapter 18 . 10/7/2004
As usual, you deliver with another awesome installment of the continuing drama a the adorable Malcolm. I like the 'hallucination' he had. I love psychiatry so anything incredibly whacked out fascinates me. Lovely writing...I'm a little frightened you like *ahem* porn so much, but I wasn't that different from you when I was your age (who ever said girls aren't tempted by that stuff?)Anyway, I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing all of your stories in print someday 'cause that's just how much you kick ars.
N. Alba chapter 18 . 10/5/2004
great chapter. i understand completely about October. same here but no band and instead of a play its dance classes argh lol.
if it was NC-17 i would so read it! cause you are an amazing writer and just plain awesome!
this chapter was nice. im gald that he told Jon even though he has to leave. aw dont leave Jon! idk about the boy.. that freaked me out but im sure it was for a good reason. Octavia better keep her pants on! lol joking joking. it really was a lovely chapter and i cant wait for more.. post soon!
The Rejection chapter 17 . 9/20/2004
Yes! FP finally let me review again. I swear, it's so screwed sometimes...
The graveyard thing was kinda freaky. I was afraid they were going to do more than that, and I was so relieved when they mostly just talked. Sarah seemed kinda creepy... but I guess anyone who gets a rise out of paying two young boys to kiss each other is creepy.
Update soon, okay? I swear, I'm working on the next chapter of Winter Story. It'll be up... um, eventually? Heh heh...
The Rejection chapter 13 . 9/20/2004
Hollan rocks. She's so much fun.
Stupid FP won't let me go to the next chapter... you know how it does that sometimes? Yeah. It's so annoying. "System Error" my ass. _
So I decided to write a review while I waited. Hopefully it's fixed by now...
The Rejection chapter 9 . 9/19/2004
I can't believe the stupid idiot is going through with it. Doesn't he know he's throwing his life away? It makes me want to strangulate him, and he's only a fictional character.
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