Reviews for Moonlight Rhapsody
Shadafakup chapter 1 . 7/12/2003
It was kinda hard to read.. But it was exremely beautiful.. The images and descriptions were amazing.. Such power, such conviction, such emotion and such beauty.. I loved it.. The way you presented the whole piece was awesome.. I loved the whole piece.. So extremely lovely- touching even.. There were so many parts that reached out to me.. Example :

"Smoky, smoky twilight As the light fades away And the smoky, smoky twilight sets in I sit alone in the darkness of my room And a testimony of my life must be written Watching the clouds float away into the dark of night I sit there alone, trying to write In the smoky, smoky twilight Trying to record my life Just in case I never wake again

The moonlight shines Over the ocean Controlling the tides Void of emotion Take a look through my eyes Into the midnight waters Stare into the depths Of a soul with no regrets And the moonlight shines.."

There are many more, I couldnt possibly paste all of them here.. Beautiful.. Exceptionally.. Its going onto my favs list..

lighted eagle chapter 1 . 6/24/2003
*walks in holding wand*

my favourite part:

Come and live with me In my fantasy Make a dream real Fanciful and surreal Unbelievable but true Done before but new Let go of your sanity and come away with me

. come away with me

and this part:

In the evening Oh yeah In the rose coloured evening light A reflection in the water Was once real Now just a reflection Fading away into the night A reflection in the rose coloured twilight

In the evening Oh yeah I'm thinking of you and I want to die Sometimes I wish I was never born at all It's hurts too much and I can't go on It's all too much.

yep and this one:

And if I had a choice The angels would rejoice

Oh Dear Father

Dear Father

How can you watch your children fall?

Without saying anything at all?

Don't you care Father?

Are you still up there Father?

Oh Dear Father

Let me dream

ok, so i think it's safe to say i like all of it...which i do...i really, really, really (ect. etc.) like in i love it... *puts wand down* *picks up lightsabre* *getures at lightsabre* pretty cool isn't it?

anyway, this brilliant...
cosmo-queen chapter 1 . 6/17/2003
Beautiful. Another amazing experience from you. I loved the whole evening part, I think it was, starting with "smoky, smoky twilight." This just flowed so beautifully and I could relate to the emotion. Especially when you were saying "world why don't you want me?" Excellent work, keep writing :)