Reviews for amor fati
donna x chapter 1 . 6/20/2003
It's a powerful song, perheps better if there was a tune to it. The problem i see presented here, is the fact that I could read the entire poem in about 30 seconds, and understand what it meant, or at least get a sense of understanding. You might want to aim for a higher standard of understanding as far as your lyrics go. You really have some good ideas for a song though, this peice was chuck full of perfect ways yo start an awesome song. Now, i'm not totally dissing your song, i do think that it's good, and like i said earlier, perhaps the type of music you were aiming for fits it, a short jumpy song, like "get free" by "the vines"- so hats off to you, but keep trying, and you will really get something awesome out of your effort - Donna X, the queen of the dead