Reviews for The Preservation of Freedom
Cloverless chapter 1 . 7/16/2006
Alright. So, you're taking quite a bit of flak from this one. But, you have to understand, it is to be expected. It's a delicate issue. There are some, who believe your side, and others who don't.

I'm a little surprised you achieved a ninty-eight on it, if it is supposed to be a term-paper, I imagine it would be an important, and ergo formal, essay. Yet, you used several personal pro-nouns, which is wrong in a formal essay. You also make a lot of claims without evidentiary support to back them up (i.e. sources, quotes, etc.). The essay itself is structured improperly, for a formal essay, too.

However, if it is not a formal essay, then two-thirds of those do not matter. However, when tackling any issue that is debatable, you NEED to use evidence to support your claims. I can say that I am the undisputed ruler of the world, but without the proper evidence to suppor that, I'm just another crazy.

All-in-all, this isn't the greatest essay, because it lacks evidence. Though, you did but a good deal of thought into it, and the reasoning does support itself. However, it does lack evidence to make it perfect.

Rating: 5/10
sally-andersonn chapter 1 . 11/10/2005
preservation of the freedom of who? Iraqis? There has been many doubts over the war in Iraq which you did not consider in this , it is written very well.
Madrynea chapter 1 . 4/2/2005
I am sorry to say you seem to be a victim of American propaganda. Fox News especially is a highly censored and impartial TV channel. Try some European or Russian press for a more neutral view on the whole matter. It just might open your eyes.
TearsOfTurquoiseAngels chapter 1 . 1/16/2005
I suppose that because this is so old it is probably mostly poitless to review it at all. It is mostly well written, but I have to say some of the points seem a little messed up. How is an American life more important than an Iraqui life? People are people. There is not a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda. There were no weapons of mass destuction ever found. I think we needed to get Saddam out, but what the hell are we doing now? ~Terra~
Aducknamedjoe chapter 1 . 10/19/2004
Serasivad, just read your reviews on "The Preservation of Freedom" and gotta say, you're a bitch. You'll probably go through this and try to rip me apart word for word like you did to HNMN, which the way you do it, proves nothing.
""No one wants war."
Where do you get off talking for the entire population of the world?"
You knew he was just making a generalization here that usually turns out to be pretty true with most people, not "speaking for the entire world," you just deliberately misrepresented his statement and so created a straw man to knock down.
You also made so many mistakes its ridiculous.
""strengthened its ties with terrorists’ organizations,"
There are totally and completely NO ties between Al-Quaeda and Iraq. They hate each other. Iraq had women and Christians in it's government. Nice try though."
Al Quaida isn't the only terrorist organization out there "hon" (or should I say "hun"). Look it up at irp/threat/terror_ , Iraq had ties with terrorist organizations, hence the label "terrorist sponsor."
And actually, according to an editorial by Deroy Murdock, there ARE connections between Saddamm and Al Quaida. To wit: Abbu Abbas, mastermind of the 1985 Acchile Lauro cruise ship hijacking, in which a US citizen was killed, managed to escape custody and go live in Iraq with an Iraqi supplied diplomatic passport. (You can only get those with the sanction of the gv't you know). March 19, 2003, a 20 page verified document was found from the Iraqi Intelligence service listing "Collaborators." Among them? "the Saudi Osama Bin Laden."
There's much more documented evidence on this, write me if you want more, or do a google for the editorial and/or evidence and see for yourself.
kritaya chapter 1 . 8/21/2004
I wonder, seeing as it's been over a year since you posted this essay in which time most of the US allegations against Saddam have been clouded by doubt or shown to be outright lies, if your opinions expressed here have changed. That would make a most interesting follow-up.
Logan Star chapter 1 . 4/24/2004
I really liked your review, I agreed wiht most of what you said. I would like to write more comments now, but I'm kinda in a hurry. I would also like to say one more thing: Shut the hell up serasivad, quit your useless droning.
Cerulean Dawn chapter 1 . 2/11/2004
I don't necessarily agree with all of this but it makes many fine points.
I would also like to point out that Serasivad's bitching against this essay is probably motivated by the fact that she would have rather liked it to have been composed of about 90% quotes that aren't yours with incoherency and naked bias sticking them all together, just like her essays.
rastavirgil chapter 1 . 12/13/2003
if you see a rattlesnake retreating, most would not chase it down and kill it. Franklin also wrote "those that compromise security for freedom deserve neither security nor freedom" You say that when you see children buried in mass graves its time to act. Lets kill more children! During the war, the US dropped 11,0 scatter bombs, Brittian dropped 2,0. the scatter bomb explodes halfway on its path to the earth, blanketing a large radius of land with hundreds of shells. 1 in 20 of these shells do not explode upon impact. they wait on the ground until someone steps on it, a car drives over it,...or maybe until an innocent child picks it up. Don't say im bullshitting you, ive heard stories from soldiers who have spoke out against the war. Chemical weapons aren't that bad are they? well they are but scatter bombs target civilians and the people who use them should be charged with war crimes. Before the war, Saddam was destroying the missiles that flew too far. The mobile chem labs were found-they were mobile weather stations. Do you think that Saddam would have the chance to attack the US without us knowing? thats hysterical. they would have to get through our allies first, then to us from halfway around the world. Saddam had no relation to 9/11. He comdemned the attacks. Saddam was Osama's enemy. There were laws in the books stating that if you knew of Al-qaeda or its affiliates, kill them. then turn around and kill any american that came in to investigate. They (Saddam, Osama) opposed each other's religous beliefs. We fixed nothing in Iraq. The climate is just as brutal and as dangerous coming from the US, Iraqi gangs and know disease. Cholera is in Basra. Support for Osama has risen in the middle east since we attacked and our allies hate us more. Spain has publicly announced that the war was a big mistake and England is completely divided. To support a war during a recession Bush had to make cuts including %50 money going to disabled war vets. This war is possibly the stupidest event in the history of man. Do you support what happened to the vets? Putting soldiers at risk? Sending them off to die? bombing innocents? murdering children? Using WMDs? and still finding nothing.
lapleinelune chapter 1 . 12/2/2003
to keep a neutral stance, i am not going to start abt the pros and cons and the ethics of the war.
also, everything that i wanted to tell you abt what is factually and logically wrong with your essay has already been said by other reviewers.
but i think i should tell you that your essay is heavily biased. that is NOT the hallmark of a good argumentative essay. I don't know who your professor is, but i know that neither me nor my english prof would have given it anything above 70.
you did your research, that is a good thing. i can see it in the statistics you present. but your research facts have been used wrongly.
Lil-Britteny chapter 1 . 9/29/2003
this s as wunderful as ur other stuf and i hope you writ more great stories! savarsiv is just a fucking bitch nd a whor and jelous cus u writ so good and u shuld beat her up cuz if i wer u i wuld cus shes a fucking slut.i love you and u did an awsome job!
serasivad chapter 1 . 8/7/2003
I am responding to the review you left on the ceiling fan is broken's essay.

"No one wants war."

Where do you get off talking for the entire population of the world?

That's about as ludicrous as suggesting that YOU have the ability to think for yourself.

"I don't want innocent people to die, I don't want American military men to die, but I would rather have some innocent Iraqi civilians die than have some innocent Amreican civilians die down the road."

What makes the lives of Americans so much more important than the lives of Iraqis?

Your grateful that hundreds of innocent people have died because it makes you feel there's less of a chance of innocent Americans dying somewhere "down the road"?


Somewhere "down the road"? Six months or six centuries from now? Exactly what was Saddam going to kill innocent Americans with? Sticks, stones and negative thoughts?


Has it occurred to you that all this "tragic killing" of American soldiers in Iraq is occurring for the exact same reason?

Maybe Iraqis would rather kill them now before they get a chance to hurt their children somewhere "down the road".

And maybe that's why those suicide bombers were willing to fly those planes into the Towers.

To attempt to prevent future harm to their loved ones from Americans or American allies somewhere "down the road".

It's people like you that fuck everything up for everybody else.

Israelis are murdering(with American supplied weapons) innocent Palestinians to prevent them from killing their families somewhere "down the road".

White men lynched Black men for glancing at White women a fraction of a second to long because somewhere "down the road" they might've "tried something".

Iranians mass murdered and terrorized their Jewish population before finally exiling them all because they feared if they didn't somewhere "down the road" the Jews would get pretentious and start thinking themselves equals.

Nazis murdered Jews, Gypsies, the physically and mentally impaired, and homosexuals (among others) so that somewhere "down the road" they didn't devise a plan to overthrow the German people.

Hell in Harry Potter Book Number Six Order of the Phoenix, mass censorship and the attempted imprisonment of dissidents occurred because the Minister of Magic was afraid somewhere "down the road" Headmaster Dumbledore was going to lead an army to revolt because he refused to acknowledge that somewhere "down the road" archenemy and Bad Guy Supreme Lord Voldemort was going to put in an appearance and start killing innocent wizards.

Even in childrens fiction people like you are acknowledged as the bumbling idiots of the world who should be stopped before they hurt themselves.

The only future you have is either the cashier at McDonalds or as the President of the United States of America.

They both require minimum capacity for intelligent thought and they pay about the same.
Isabella MacElfrish chapter 1 . 7/13/2003
Once again, I must say: HOOAH! I totally and completely agree with you and the essay was well presented. Keep it up!
Imaginary Player chapter 1 . 7/7/2003
Not to be rude, but what was teh point of the A/N at the beginning? Anyway, the Benjamin Franklin quote is used out of context because Iraq wasn't an imminent threat; aside from the fact that no WMD have been found, it destroyed 29 of its 100 missles before te war began, and it didn't use any of the remaining one even when it started. Also, diplomacy didn't fail because diplomacy was never sincerely attempted; if you remember, Bush initial decision was to go before the UN with the "I'm going in whether you like it or not" attitude. Even when Colin Powell did suggest diplomacy as a first resort, Bush merely fronted it as, going through the motions of it as he waited for each diplomatic strategy to fail. As for, WMD being used, it wasn't, and still hasn't been used (wonder why?).

Ending question: You cited the Iran-Iraq War. Who gave Iraq WMD to use during that war?
Matt13086 chapter 1 . 7/6/2003
Really Nice!
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