Reviews for Defense No Endangered Animals
Katiefoolery chapter 1 . 8/22/2003
You're very good at wot you do! Rather than taking a personal view of this piece, I decided to look at it from a writerly POV. And I think this was a wise choice because it allowed me to pick up on all those little things that other people missed by getting all offended... The arguments you chose to support this piece were great. I especially admire the way you slanted them so they shone the best light possible on your argument. Apart from this, your writing is confident and assured and you also summoned up some impressive visual images. A great piece.
PhiloNysh chapter 1 . 6/29/2003
Sorry, but I don't believe in your essay at all. I'm not flaming it, but just pointing out some of the opposition's arguments.

1. Building reserves does not always mean government funding, some reserves are built by charity, such as the 'rhino charge' in Kenya, which is a car race (with orienteering and so on).

2. The destruction of habitats by the increase of urban facilities is NOT natural selection.

3. By building reserves, we are not hindering 'evolution' we are conserving species, so they may evolve. For example, when the dodo's became extinct, how could they evolve.

4. Scientists argue, that if you kill off a species, then the chances are that the habitat destroyed, will become WORSE, not better.

countries do 'need' to keep reserves, because they need the income from it. A large amount of Arfican countries' income comes from tourist who come down to see the 'game'.

6. Reserves conserve history, culture and belief. To the Aborigines in Australia, it is their religion to believe in the power of their land and species. By not creating reserves, they lose their culture.

7. This is the Last, I promise! Many people are employed in reserves. If reserves were demolished, then what would happen to the employees? There are not many jobs that take care of animals.

Sorry, I really hope you are not offended. I don't meen to be rude, just giving an arguement against some of the things you said. I mean, this may even help you improve your essay.

If you hvae actually read until here, You've got a good writing style, and it's good you chose a topic that not many would dare to choose.
serasivad chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
Freakishly persuasive.
Radyn chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
Would you say that human beings destroying countless species of animals is considered natural selection? Natural selection is adaptation TO the environment, not the destruction of it.

But conversely, I do agree that we are wasting time and much-needed money building reservations for endangered species. It's only a temporary remedy that will fail in the end unless a new solution is implemented. Well said, but don't use the "natural selection" argument in your essay. Natural selection does not occur when nature is tampered with.