Reviews for A Salute to the Blind
Angerona chapter 1 . 11/27/2003
WOW great, great great poem. I mean. WOW. The message was so strong that in the end i didn;t even have to read the note to be sure what i was talking about! hoo-ray! Right i come to the point. It really is how you handel things. And althought everyone handels things diffrently, we all seem to come to the same conclution wiht the same wisdom. I like the last part about the optimism! Being a optimist my self, and being crazy i find it's easyer to face the demons when things will work out right... or i hope they'll work out right becuse they don;t always...ANY WAY i come to the point. This poem is mad crazy hot and it's totaly going on my fav list. Hey angie lets see just how many of Grey's poems you can fit on that list eh?

~Angerona the Goddess of DEath~