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Runwithscythes chapter 2 . 6/4/2007
I love it and am really interested to know where it's going. If his dream of Seth dying comes true... :coughs: I do hope you update too!
Hell's first Icicle chapter 2 . 11/22/2005
ah! another relli relli relli gud story! WHICH UR NOT BLOODY UPDATING! gr
Ballerina with a Gun chapter 2 . 6/12/2005
Lol - I like this. I love your yaoi storie; they're very witty!
subtleline chapter 2 . 12/26/2004
Rather interesting. I see this being a pretty short story but still a very good one given the main character's sense of humor and sarcasism, which I adored btw. Please continue it soon!
Wolfwitch chapter 2 . 6/1/2004
Interesting beginning! Are we gonna see more?
Lira-chan chapter 2 . 12/4/2003
And we're still here, Aiko-dear. Considering that you do have reviews... I'd guess people are reading, hrmm? _; Meh... T3h story's a bit disorienting, considering how awake I am... But tisn't you. I blame it on Mara and Hope- I've been reading "Dearly Beloved" (know you've read it...) and I'm used to THEIR style of writing... Then there is YOUR style... And my head's spinning. *sweatdrop* More reading! *beams*
But first... "Six Days"? Chapter titles are always fun to -poke- but that may just be me... I also like the rating. "Violent thoughts." I don't know if you -meant- it to be cute, but I think it's cute.
"Since when did Melinda care what employee’s wanted."
*being nitpicky* Just for fun... .; Is t3h apostrophe -supposed- to be there? *stares at it, head cocked to the side* Stupid thing... And... T3h whiney-ness is fun. Aki's a sweetling?
"Maybe they’d shoot the manager. Or better yet, the director. Maybe they’d shoot the new director. I believe it should be his turn to lie along the floor, soaked in blood rather than water.
Alright, maybe that’s a bit harsh…"
*griin* Violent thoughts, ne?
"Sleep clouded my mind and all I wanted was the soft down comforter among thick feather pillows that awaited me only one flight above. Just up the grand staircase and past the other four bedrooms."
The size of the house stands out at me... Considering that a cashier at a place called "Wheels and Deals" probably doesn't make too much money, right? He still living at home, hmm? Makes sense... You said eighteen... *ponders* *sweatdrops* I think too much.
"No, there is no possible way anyone could ever afford to live here on a salary from ‘Wheels and Deals’. There is, however, an explanation as to why I am here. My parents. I enjoy living here during the summer while college is out. Why ‘Wheels and Deals’? Because as I said before, I enjoy having money I can call my own."
I spoke too soon, but I was right. *grins* I am so strange. And t3h sweet little Aki still wants Sean shot? Niice. .;
Other than that... I figure you can take this somewhere, but... It may just be the -time- or perhaps it's me, but while I can see Aki's personality in the way he's narrating the story... The story comes off as a bit detached. Why? I don't -know- why, and it bothers me... In a "am I still thinking too much?" kinda way. .; How can he be whiney and detached at the same time? How? -.-; This is where we stop thinking.
Love ya, sweetling. Got faith in your ability to stir things up. And... Still got half an hour. Shall power through a few more chapters of lovely sterry-ness. *hugs* You rock.
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 12/4/2003
Hi-hi Aiko! *glomps* *insert much random lovage* Erm... I do believe I said this before, but I -shall- read all of the pretty, slashy, yaoi aiko-stories. Eventually. I'm just reading this first because... Eh, do I need a reason? You made me -curious- Lira must know what is this "daily deal" of which we speak... *giggle* ...Wait. You've never been submitted to the horror that is me writing a review.
It's scary. Enjoy. (and... your rating-ness is so professional... . )
"Whomever the last customer approaches to ring up their merchandise had the unfortunate honor of staying late with the manager and director for re-stock."
Well, question answered. But... Doesn't mean we stop reading. Psha, that would be -silly- *reading quietly*
*giggles at the description of Claire* Scary woman . Lira's review habit quoting your words back at you. But there is too much Claire-horror to quote! *beams*
And I like our narrator... I think I'm just slow at six in the morning... Or have I not been given a name yet? *sweatdrop* Adorable. He's adorable. And has different-sized eyes. *giggle*
So his name's Aki, hmm? Else I s'pose he'd ignore the intercom, ne?
“What guy?” my attitude perked, a slightly more flirtatious aura appearing.
*whistles innocently*
_; Assuming t3h guy is the one who just dumped a box on the poor Aki... Eh-heh, prolly couldn't hurt a fellow to at least be -nice- to the employees? Too much to ask? Ah, well, I tried? _ Chapter two...
To braindead to sound smart this morning... Love ya Aiko-dear. Shall continue t3h stalkage, ne?
Monkiechi chapter 2 . 11/20/2003
umm...i think i like where your story is going...i always like it when they're being bastards to each other at first and then the attraction kicks in eventually...i know it's a cliche but it always at first sight is boringg
Katy Keene chapter 2 . 10/14/2003
*pokes you with a stick* Update! *puppy eyes* pweze?
Seirvitas chapter 2 . 9/6/2003
OO What a horrible reminder of retail and seven months at k-mart. I believe I'm traumatized. I take it you've had your experience there as well? Because this sounds quite a bit like what it was right down to the stupid videos and the orientation. Crazy. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.


p.s. he should pretend he broke his leg or something and demand workman's comp XD
Edana chapter 2 . 8/23/2003
Just wondering if there was a little bit of dialogue missing here:

“Oh, that,” she dismissed my announcement, returning to locking the petty-cash away for the night. “

Before I could ask who she was talking about, I recognized the guy who had pushed me down heading towards me from the doors.

Maybe it's just me _;; It just seemed to be missing something. Anyway, another interesting chapter. I don't know how you make all your characters realistic. It's great that they're not all nice and loveable, like Melinda, and that they're not all attractive (Claire seems pretty strange like that to me) They're not at all hateable, they're just normal people, though I have a soft spot for Aki. ‘Adorable’ is about right. Seth seems interesting too, and this six days of orientation sounds very promising *rubs hands together* Gah, the things you make me think hehe I'm reading and enjoying; update soon! Well, update ANY of your stories soon!
Edana chapter 1 . 8/23/2003
My friend always gets paranoid about one of her eyes being smaller than the other. Can't see it personally, but ANYWAY . . . Interesting beginning. I admit that I have absolutely no idea where this is going, but that's not a bad thing. I'll skip over to the next chapter and see if I can find out!
Laughing Cat chapter 2 . 8/17/2003
*applauds* _ I finally got enough free time to read this, and I love it so far. I can't wait for chapter three!
r.mai chapter 2 . 8/11/2003
a ha ha ha ha ha. You should cheer up! ;; Don't go ill wishing other people, man. Karma. Just wait for it to start working. ; Okies, hope you update this story too. bye bye! interesting peeps.
r.mai chapter 1 . 8/11/2003
whoa... how RUDE... that was horribly, horribly RUDE... it's shit, are you okay? but then he changes his mind when he sees that he's an employee... then he's just phhst... blah... rude guy... big urge to slap...
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