Reviews for My Valley
Cianna Greenwood chapter 1 . 7/10/2003
Hmm... nice. I like it. Rather sounds like the perfect place for me as well. No sun, lots of rain...*sighs wistfully* The poem's nice.
Shadafakup chapter 1 . 7/6/2003
Quite an interestin twist at the end.. Good job though.. I liked the overall tone of the piece.. Its nice how u repeated the two lines.. And how no one nvr wants to live in that kind of place.. Makes it seem like the valley's all alone in this horrid dark world.. Ok I shall stop my incessant ramblings.. Good piece..
not sure yet chapter 1 . 7/5/2003
pretty and dark, enjoyed it muchly, excellent job
Frodo chapter 1 . 7/5/2003
Interesting. It's a weird kind of life, but whatever. I liked the repetiveness of "The sun never rises. The rain never stops." Cool. Nicely done.

Tormented Romantic chapter 1 . 7/5/2003
Deep and beautifully written, kinda reminds me of a piece I wrote (Welcome to My World).

"The sun never rises/the rain never stops"