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Sylvara chapter 8 . 12/25/2009
Finally, the story seems to begun.. it was about time. I read every chapter, and, seriously, that was too long for a regular incipit. Is there not a way to shorter all these first height chapter into just the vital informations?

Anyway, the point of view surprised me and I definitly want to understand that guy.
gip-k chapter 42 . 10/20/2009
Wow, that is a really surprising ending. I'm glad that Lance got to get home, but I wasn't sure if it was ever really going to happen. Wow. I couldn't have foreseen Aeson becoming a respected artist, either. That's really amazing. It's too bad about the "accidental" death though. Hmm.

I tend to believe that all of the things that Aeson sees are totally real, especially since Isaac sensed them as well.

All in all, it was a great story. I did expect a more fleshed out ending, but I don't really feel like anything was left unfinished.

If you ever publish a book, I'd love to read it.
gip-k chapter 39 . 10/20/2009
This is a good chapter, though I think the changes in your writing are the most visible here. I think you made more of an effort to show that Aeson is able to think more coherently even though he doesn't understand everything that people say. In a way in these later chapters, Aeson has been displayed as slightly more intelligent (although we always knew he wasn't stupid), and if not exactly more intelligent than a bit more like a 17 year-old than a 10 year-old boy, which is sort of how he came across sometimes through the story. I feel like he's really grown as a character as he's had more experiences with different types of people and the world.
gip-k chapter 38 . 10/20/2009
Oh my gosh, you have me hanging on by a thread right here. I can't wait to see what happens, but I'm pretty sure that it's not 100% what Lance is hoping for.
gip-k chapter 35 . 10/20/2009
I don't usually read the authors' note, but I couldn't help but notice it this time. From what I saw of the chapter where Lance was hit, I had originally thought that she knew the boy who was hit by the car was Lance, but then I read it again and I see that wasn't clear. Hm.
gip-k chapter 31 . 10/20/2009
How ridiculous of Aidan to continue disbelieving in magic, even though she believes in Aeson's sprite and can clearly see that Lance is invisible. (How does she propose to explain it?) Somehow though she fails to annoy me nearly as much as Hunter does. He's a highly disrespectful person- and totally spoiled.

On other subjects, I can hardly believe that Rachel was still so harsh to Aeson. If it was my brother, I would've probably melted into a pile of tears upon finding him. But I guess characters like Rachel often use anger to resolve everything. I would almost cry out "caricature" but in real life there are people who are really that way. It's not that they lack love, kindness or compassion it's because of issues of life that have made them that way for the most part. So instead I applaud you for good writing and making believable characters.

In the end though, Lance is still my favorite. [

I'm sorry that I didn't write you decent reviews before coming back the 2nd time around for this story.
gip-k chapter 20 . 10/18/2009
Hmm. I've got mixed feelings about this chapter. I personally didn't mind the POV switching, although it did require me to pay a little closer attention while reading.

I think this is an important chapter because to leads us almost to a climax of the events that are happening now. Everyone is coming together now for this chapter.

I'm not sure if I could see it in Rachel's character though, for her NOT to take Lance to the hospital, despite his previous condition. She's usually highly concerned about following the course of action that seems to make the most sense, or rather, that she thinks "normal" people would take.

So still, mixed feelings.
gip-k chapter 17 . 10/18/2009
I'm uncertain as to whether I've reviewed this particular chapter before- I just decided to resume reading the story now, and I have a few questions about Lance (assuming you're still available to answer them).

First of all, could Rachel still see the jacket when Lance put it on? If so, does this mean he's only fully invisible when he's not wearing clothing? If he is, wasn't he still wearing clothing when his parents assumed he was being kidnapped? Why then didn't they notice clothing just floating around (kind of like in movies like the Invisible Man)?

I understand maybe the jacket incident was probably a temporary goof on your part, because you said in an earlier chapter that Lance carried a bag which Aeson described as invisible, so I assumed that bag was made invisible because of its proximity to Lance.

Let me clarify this- I love your writing style, and I feel that presentation-wise you're one of the best authors that I've seen on this site. Your writing is very clean with pretty much no mistakes that I've noticed at all. The story is really captivating an interesting, and all of the characters are unique with unique points of view, traits, dialogue, et cetera. I kind of regret abandoning this story around the 20th-odd chapter because of slow updates. I'd kind of thought you'd never finish it.

At this point though, I'm having a hard time swallowing the whole Lance thing. It's hard to imagine that he couldn't have somehow signaled to his parents that he was alive and well. He could've written notes- something that couldn't have been done by a ghost, waved signs at them, et cetera. They would realize the notes were real and that they were not hallucinating. Either way, he had SOME way of proving his existence.

I love Lance and reading about him- he's currently a favorite character. It's just so tough though to find his story believable at this point. Perhaps you elaborate more on why exactly he left home in later chapters.
Nightstar56 chapter 9 . 9/1/2007
I really like your story, it's well written and seems to flow very well. And I like that you switched the point of view, letting the reader see the world through Aeson's eyes to show that he's not as crazy as his sister thinks.
Butterflies Are Free chapter 1 . 8/28/2007
I like how we know what the main character is all about right off the bat. He's supposed to be selfish, right? I mean, his brother fell through the roof and he's worried about getting grounded.

Nice style. It flows.

Redd Danvers chapter 3 . 8/24/2007
This has me hooked, and I'm dying to know just what Aeson is seeing. I would give details, but I'm trying to read this and get ready for company, so maybe more comments when I read some more.
Stasial chapter 32 . 4/7/2005
Hehe, I had to post this for Ch 32 'cause I already had review for Ch 33. That aside, I'm glad to know you're still working on this story. I like it the way it is now, but I'm also interested to see how the rewrite would turn out. I can understand why you'd want to do a rewrite, especially since I myself am er, notorious for writing three drafts of the same story. Keep up the good work, and good luck on choosing the right ending ;)
The baava Project chapter 33 . 1/19/2005
Greetings and salutations, Shadow Click! _ I'm still here and still reading - thanks for waiting!

[After all, she's the one that couldn't understand that I wasn't a ghost.] ~ hee. Cute line. Poor Lance.

This was kind of a sad chapter, and a bit of an epiphany for lance. I can't help but hope that something CAN be done for him. Please continue! I look forward to it.

ja ne,LoK
Stasial chapter 33 . 10/21/2004
Hey! Of course you still got readers left! Nice that you're wrapping up this story. This chapter was good like the others (as always). It was funny that of all people Lance ran into, it was those two.
Stasial chapter 23 . 10/20/2004
Hey, glad to know you've finally gotten to work on this again :D I think the second version of this chapter is an improvement over the old and it does fit better with the chapters after this. Um.. nothing else to say at the moment. Can't wait to see chapter 33.
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