Reviews for Don't Forget Those Left Behind
DigiDayDreamer chapter 1 . 7/23/2003
Hey Zelle, thought I'd just drop by and review something else other than your story.

Escape from another perspective. Hmm, glad you brought that original topic up. You know, it reminds me of a Christian novel called "Left Behind". And yet it connects somehow to one of my stories. Oh, back on the poem. . .

I sit and watch you talk

About the stars and all that’s out there

While I run some notes together

Unrefined and clumsy

On the strings of your guitar

Yep, those first lines touched me the most. Reminds me of a good song with those kind of lyrics (though they weren't the same in words and meaning, I assure you.).

Angst is sweeter than happiness. At least that's what I thought someone said. _*sheepish grin*

And you know I'm a guy now? I thought you would figure that later in the my story, The Unwavering Desire. I made a little note on verifying my gender. . .But I forgive you for calling me on female-ish terms, like authoress and such. Few people mistake me for a female. Or maybe it's because you thought there were a lot more females than males. _ At any rate, no offense taken.

Well, I give this poem credit for originality. Who knows, maybe you'll make a story out of this.

"True life is but a multitude of infinite meanings."

Spell ya later!
Emberlye chapter 1 . 7/20/2003
Wow, this was very good. I'm surprised because of some of the poetry I've been reading lately, this one just seemed to bring me back tot eh true meaning of poetry. (which, there really isn't one because it is different for each and every person out there) but I felt as if you 'broguth me back' to something. I'm not sure so don't listen to my insanity. I've been weaving my way through people's fav. authors (I started with DigiDayDreamer if you know him) and made my way here. My trainer, (because I'm a dragon, I have a trainer) is Nickel City if you by chance know her. I'm not sure but anyway, great poem and hopefully I'll be able to read some more of your work. I just got up my first stroy on fictionpress so please check it out if you have time. No pressure, I'm just mentioning it. Thanks again!

"Everyone who asks, recieves,

Everyone who seeks, finds,

And the door is open to,

Anyone who knocks."

-Luke 11:10

Belle the Shadow-Cat chapter 1 . 7/19/2003
Thanks for your reviews, you got quite a few new poems out, Cool! Sorry i haven't reviewed. I have been away at girls camp. Repelling and the lot. Though i had a lot of time to write. And i was DEAD tired yesterday . . . no sleep . . . Ironically i was awake enough to see Pirates of the Caribbean . . . See that if you can, it's great . . .

Okay enough of my rambling . . . this really makes you "think" in a different perspective, to be the one left behind. i really like it. I especially like the lines:

Escape is always pretty, darling

When it?s heard in songs and books

Written by the careless and the hasty

Never by the ones that linger

Never by those left behind.

Really means a lot . . .you know i'm starting to connect it to my story, funny that i can see connections now. But it works in two ways in the way i see it. I'm seeing it from to different "Left behind' point of veiws. And also a different kind of "escape" Too . . .


Great poem anyways

Incubabe chapter 1 . 7/18/2003

This is an excellent poem - I love the line "Breaks my heart to be down on my knees"

Plus, I'm mega-honoured as I inspired it! Hehe!

It really is excellent!

Diana x