Reviews for Legend of the Cursed Sword
Lou chapter 1 . 8/25/2003
hey beara! i read it and its pretty good nice detail! Should Write a book or comic! you room-9
Zooming chapter 2 . 7/29/2003
Wow! that would have been so totally scary! Man...creepy. Kliin must have been so freaked, actually I KNOW he was freaked, I mean, you said he was freaked and all, but of COURSE he was freaked. He wouldn't be human otherwise. Man, I think Teria is nice, despite the creapy side, which would be cool if she didn't attack me...actually its pretty interesting that that happens. I want to find out more! how dare you deprive me of knowing more! I eat you for this! I mean, I want to know why; actually I have a fair guess but you neva know, right? *sighs* That was a good fight scene, I think. I think you've improved a whole lot cuz this fight is really good, but I wouldn't be the one to ask when it comes to a fight, sword fight or other. Ask the person who's larger portion of random writing consists of sword fights. *stares at Lynn* Naw, just playing if you're reading this Lynn, you know I wub your sword fights! They're good. But yea, Sairi, i think that was a good fight scene. This was a very action packed chappie and I want MORY MORE MORE! You betta post the next chapter, you person, you! Lol, I wouldn't go into the dining hall after that. I DON'T WANT MY SOUL TO BE STOLLEN! Anyways, the other three seem to be very interesting. I would like to know more about them, meaning...I WANT THE NEXT CHAPTER! Very good chapter! see you next chappie, which I HOPE will be posted soon! Oh, and please update you're other story too, I'm still interested in what happens next, okay? K! Please update both soon! See you then, Sairi! Bai bai!

Zooming chapter 1 . 7/26/2003
Gomen Gomen Gomen nasai, Sairi-san! I couldn't review earlier. I've been busy all day and I couldn't get online yesterday because it was too late! And sorry, I know I asked you to come over, but I was so busy and I watched Sea Biscuit which is not a bad movie *sighs* so like, yea.

I think your story has a good start. It gives a reasonable amount of content about the main character and the ending is grabbing, keeping the reader in, or at least it kept ME in, teehee, cuz I want to read summore! You should tell me more about Kliin cuz I wanna know more. I feel sorry for him, cuz he wants to go home, but he can't! That's not cool. This Teria seems like an interesting girl. She must be important considering that she has the item that's mentioned in the title, nee? I want a cursed sword... How come I never get nice things? *cries* Naw, just playing. Anyways, I like your story and am patiently awaiting the next chapter. Yes, patiently. Very paiently. *clears throat* Very very patiently. Aww, who am I kidding! You better get up the next chapter before I sick Dark SM on you! Please? Please please? I'm waiting for chapter 2! see you then!

~Sleepy Shadow Mistress (aka Megumi)

P.S. Why haven't you updated your other story? Huh? huh? Naw, I know why! Don't worry about it. But still, I ant to know what's going to happen! You're not supposed to leave it right before everyone knows something bad is going to happen! *growls* How could you do that to us readers! Anyways please update that one soon too! La!
DrakeJet2003 chapter 1 . 7/25/2003
Real good I like what you are writing come check out my story Crimson Knights at Draek/Jet2003.