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RoseRed chapter 2 . 9/10/2003
Good guidelines for writing. Recommending books-always a good thing!
lise carew chapter 1 . 8/22/2003
hey, if you like david weber and elizabeth moon (two of my favorites as well), an author you really ought to check out is lois mcmaster bujold. she has a truly awesome long series, first book is "shards of honor" i believe, and a couple of individual novels. the series is mostly scifi, the indys fantasy, but all are excellent
Harry2.0 chapter 3 . 8/9/2003
I like this chapter. It shows that not all heroes are what people expect them to be: Fancy Costumes, fancy names. Sometimes, the simplest type of person becomes the best type of hero.
Eijentu chapter 2 . 7/31/2003
I suppose this isn't really a review, so much as a comment on what you've written :) Although I can't imagine it would hurt to point out that even here, in these non-fiction pieces, you write well. It's interesting to read, and I intend to do so as each part is added :)

Very nice to know about the person behind the stories :) I admit, I was curious as to how you got into shôjo-ai, so finding out was sort of unexpected and nice.

And I agree with a lot of things you said in Ch2, particularly about just trying to write. I *hate* seeing on review pages, when people simply rubbish a story which is obviously someone trying their very best to write a decent piece of fiction. Perhaps it might not be perfect, but initial attempts very rarely are. And trying, and reading Constructive Criticism, and trying again is what it's all about. Not having your desire to ever write again crushed by a non-specific and hateful review.

Ack! Sorry about ranting here in *your* review column -_-. Rest assured, it was all sparked by this chapter. This is a nifty idea, look forward to reading more :)
Shadow of Isis chapter 2 . 7/30/2003
What you have come up with so far is very interesting. Your writing tips are helpful, although with my writing discipline is so not a factor. But everything else I could identify with.
Sunflower Philosophy chapter 2 . 7/28/2003
First of all, I was very surprised to find an autobiography here. Even in the biography pages and the so-called "bios" people don't really explain, flat out, who they are and what they're life is like. That sort of stuff is interesting to know sometimes!

Second of all, to this chapter. From my experience, writing is for anyone who's got the confidence. I started writing when I was like five, and always considered myself a writer, even when most of my work was appalling up until the last few years... after all that time, you have to come up with SOMETHING worthwhile! I inspired a bunch of my friends to write, too. Everybody has stories or poems in their heads; some people are just afraid of writing it down because they don't consider themselves writers.

Basically, I agree with you, so why the heck am I writing such a long review...?

Good work.

m~* Sunflower, anyone?
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