Reviews for Redefine the Persona of a Dark Angel
oh-so invisible chapter 1 . 7/30/2003
Descriptive and well thought of. I'll wait for this to continue, too. -w.r.-
Zooming chapter 1 . 7/29/2003
Hey, I think that was interesing! I know the plot can't be very deep yet and its probably just scratching the surface, but I must say that that was a very good start! I want to know what happens! Oh yea, good summary. That's what got me interested! Dark draft? Poor king. That must realli suck, having something like that happen to his dughter. I wonder how she feels, but I'm sure you'll lt us know later...right? I do wonder what's going to happen, though *sighs* You really know how to catch people on don't you? Maybe if you made a member add for this more people would read it. Just a suggestion, though, because there are so many stories that get updated a day so it's hard to get people to read a story. Or have you done that already? Just trying to help. Okay, I'm sorri for being so wierd! Please update soon! I'll see you in the next chapter~! Can't wait!

~Sleepy Shadow Mistress (aka Megumi)

P.S. I forgot to say. Maybe when you end the stoy next time you should put a divider between the end and the comments. like ~*~*~*~*~ or something. I think its helpful, but of course, once again just a suggestion! Please continue soon!