Reviews for BloodStreaked
zagato chapter 1 . 11/5/2003
Great start! It would be great if the chapter titles were more descriptive than just Chapter 1, 2, 3 . . . . Anyway, got to read more. Good work!
Anonymous chapter 13 . 11/3/2003
sorri for not writing my name

wow, you killed kelly and danny is still alive.

you are a very good writer and i hope u continue to write coz u rule P
blinded chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
wow. i am at a loss of what to say. but this is really good. so danny was kelly's new boy toy? i really din expect that. great twist :D
wacka dkid chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
wahoo! you updated! thankyouthankyou! and landon isnt dead! i keep getting happier and happier. sorry to hear about the homework. hope it gets better and good luck _
Lisa0211 chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
Landon's the asshole father? What a twist! And I want to have sex like that...damn! I want a Cole...whoo hoo! Ok, anyway. great chappie...I'm really in suspense now and that Danny shithead needs to NOW. I hope Cole can help Lila...cuase i like her despite her coldness. write more soon. ~Lisa~
Okie chapter 13 . 11/2/2003

This is a wonderful story, despite the fact that it is a bit dark. But I like stories that make me wonder what is going to happen next and that have a very depressing side.

Anyway, keep on writing!



Global Nomad chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
if you're not proud of this chapter let me know when you're proud because i actually thought this chapter was pretty good. but hey you're the author not me.
Hex Reedglimmer chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
It was a little confusing at first, but once I figured it out, it was good. Continue soon please.
Minyaithwen chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
oh, I jsut realized that these ar ehte same characters as in Blood Red Roses. Hm, Cole's pretty sharp. WELL then, I'm begining to get more and more curious about this Danny character. Wonderful job! Update soon! TOODLES!
Padfoot101 chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
o wow. I feel really horrible for Lila right about now. She is so emotionally weak right now, and she won't even admit it to anyone. I just hope that she will be prepared for when Danny comes. Well, I hope that you update really soon! Great job this chapter, too!

Call me when you're rich chapter 13 . 11/2/2003

I still love it, even if its taken a while. Cole gets better and better...and how do you come up with such cool character names? I like Dylan and Anita (separate story would be good), keep going, i await the next installment eagerly!
GinaO chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
Yay! Thank you so much for the update. Great chappie as always. Things are sure getting better and better. Now I can't wait for the next chapter. Hang on and keep writing. _
enchanted-littlelies chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
Great chapter. I loved it. Kepp up the great work and i can't wait to read more!
Ivy chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
Great chapter. I didn't think anything that important happened in it though. Like any thing really intense. But still a beautifully written chapter.

I really hope to see the next chapter SOON.

VenatrixNoctis chapter 13 . 11/2/2003
LoL I have too much blood in my caffeine system? I sat there for ten minutes, trying to figure that out. Anyway, this Mandy person who reviewed before me wants Danny's ass kicked. *Sigh* I'm the only one who finds him interesting. Oh well. I was checking for your chapter like every hour and ta da! here it is!...yeah, that sounded a little wierd, but hey. Oh! and I loved your chapter so you can be proud of it now. All because *I* like it )
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