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pressandclick chapter 18 . 1/2/2004
Wow...that's all I have to say...Wow! What an absolutely fantastic ending...seriously, great job! As soon as I started reading, I couldn't stop - a sign of a true writing genius!
Can't wait for the epilogue...
zagato chapter 18 . 1/2/2004
Thank you so much! Danial sounds like denial, which is the obvious state of Danny or Nial. Good twist. For me, this is one of the best chapters in the story. Amazing story and this is one of my favorites. Please update. Thank goodness, only a few more chapters to go. Please get well soon.
n3ssa chapter 18 . 1/2/2004
what a cliffhanger! please tell me that lila's not going to die. you DO believe in happy endings, dont you?
Minyaithwen chapter 17 . 1/2/2004
Wait a sec... sense when is Nial evil. Dammit! I didn't realize. But it makes sense. Oh well. Great chapter. Toodles!
Salsbury Princess chapter 17 . 1/1/2004
PLEASE tell me that Tears of Blood is Liz's story. cuz that has te potential to be hilarious. but good story!
Brandi chapter 17 . 12/29/2003
I just want to say, I had no idea it was Nial. I'm in shock abot Cole and Lila though. There's a lot of drama to come isn't there? You're an excellent writer and I can't wait to read your next story, I just hope everything works out between Cole and Lila.
I.N.O.A.N chapter 17 . 12/28/2003
sorry, i'm confused about ur A/N. so Nial's the bad guy but he isn't danny, is he?
good story so far, i could feel my heart in my throat in the lila n cole scene. plz continue
MimiGhost chapter 17 . 12/26/2003
luv da ficc
updaetee soon
playdoh with me-o chapter 17 . 12/25/2003
Hmm i have no clue who it is, Nial? Im clueless, but i hope the next chapter could answer my question. Well this was a great chapter, gl with the next one. and merry christmas to you too!
mo chapter 17 . 12/25/2003
NO! yes it will continue on to infinity. Seriosly that was just wrong, i loved nial he was cute adn funny and not a killer. Ok this has totally thrown me off, really i didn't even comment about how i loved the first part. Can't help it fights only indicate that when they made up its gonna be more sweet. Also really i thought that winters might be it so nice twisty. Also i forgive u ONLY A LITTLE cuz u put anita and dylan part. Anyways great update, now u gotta finish it off soon cuz me dyign for the climax.
zagato chapter 17 . 12/25/2003
Great story! I love Lila a lot. This is one of my favorite stories. Please update. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!
Call me when you're rich chapter 17 . 12/25/2003
It gets better and better and better...please make Cole and Lila get together...please...oh, and Dylan and Anita. I half-guessed Nial was Danny but Anita was a bit slow in noticing the burns in the shower. Update soon. Merry Xmas!
bitterxsweet chapter 17 . 12/24/2003
wow.. in total shockness! that was sucha twist.. but i like it! Oh update soon! suspense is killing me! and merry xmas eve! )
AuroraBorealis7 chapter 17 . 12/24/2003
WOW~ I had no idea until the beginning of this chapter. Good job. Happy Holidays!
pressandclick chapter 17 . 12/24/2003
OH MY GOD! Nial is the bad guy? How did this happen? I definitely did not see that one coming! So, in answer to your, you didn't make the killer obvious! I can't believe it! I'm sitting here in a state of absolute shock!
If you don't update soon I'm likely to go update!
Good chapter though!
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