Reviews for Narrow Minded
linus L.M chapter 1 . 7/27/2015
yes, i have any option,
but people don't think I'm the only one allowed.
that's not the many reason for hardening up.

Although i will listen to you, but i think my understand is unique.
of course I'll always stay focused when you say something,
I rather do the opposite of what you say as i translate this into my mind set.

Never listening, you tell me I'm wrong,
when in fact you are,
rarely, you walk away when we are charting as if its an argument
just remember that you might be the voice of the voiceless when you can't even argue for you fact.
should every one follow what ever you say?

Maybe you can try and except the reality.
it might just hurt a bit, its the reality,
in fact if the world rises its debates against you'
be prepare to except you are wrong.
not every body gets everything correct.
if than, don't even wast your time listening to me,
but in this world someone read to listen to me will always be they/
liz89 chapter 1 . 11/27/2003
when i first started reading this i thought about a friend of mine, but then i could also see myself a little. that scares me.