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Purged Account chapter 35 . 1/9/2004
Loved it! That was such a sweet ending to the story. Corrin and Vanya's reaction to Hal and his 'partner' was funny. See! I knew that was going to happen. At first I was sure his partner would be a man, then I thought it was just me being ... well.. ME, but I was sure again after the ending to Ch.34. That was great! Go Hal!
Nice to see more of Sal and Troy and what they plan to do next, especially after them being the focal point at the beginning of the story. Their sharing memories, and talk of what to do next was nicely done.
Vanya is fine now, and with Corrin. We've got all the other pairings: Lancer and Scott, Orwel and Juri, Rori and Andre... they're all happy. Osip and Arria are married. Fonzo and Shaun eventually get it on. _~ Happy endings are great, aren't they?
And I don't know how you manage to read my mind, or I yours, but I was going to place in a review that I would have liked to see Terry again; and there he was at the end. _ You don't miss out anything!
Congrats on a great story. I hope you write more with these guys some day. I'll miss 'em!
Purged Account chapter 34 . 1/9/2004
he, he, he. I saw this coming for a long time, ever since Haldor got with his 'girlfriend', I just knew what was coming. _~ This confirmed it for me. Get IN there, Hal! A nicely paced penultimate chapter.
Purged Account chapter 33 . 1/9/2004
Well, that was a lovely chapter. _ It was so nice to see Scott and Lancer, the two most important characters in "MR" back in the centre of things and having a scene to themselves. I miss those two. Scott's been gone for too long. So that was great. And I'm so pleased that Osip and Arria are getting married. It's like I've seen all these characters grow and then they move off and get married... *laughs*... the Juri/Orwel stuff was funny! And the sibling interaction between him and Osip. *sighs* I love these guys. :P
Thansa chapter 35 . 1/5/2004
I think this is my first review for your stories. I've been reading this for a long time, but it isn't in my nature to give opinions. So I'm admittably a very lazy reviewer.
However I wanted to thank you for these wonderful stories you've written. It's been a pleasure to read them. I believe I spent a day or two reading Mount Robillard and what there was of Traces of Doubt. Will there be more side stories for this series?
Briel chapter 31 . 12/29/2003
::guilty lurker footprints::
Purged Account chapter 31 . 12/28/2003
Excellent chapter, as always. _ It's so nice that all the characters have their little complexities; they're all so very human.
I'm SO freakin pleased that they're coming back from the Zodiac System. *crosses fingers* Does this mean we get steamy reunions between Scott/Lancer and Osip/Aria? I love those four and Shaun/Fonzo best out of everyone.
Please, PLEASE update soon. I really hope there is still a lot left to go with this. I enjoy it so much.
x. Dean .X
James chapter 31 . 12/27/2003
Happy holidays! I've read Mount Robill(I can't spell it) and Traces of Doubt for a few weeks now. I'm sorry I don't review but I have no idea what to say and I read mostly when I'm at school. I really think your a great writer. My favorite character is Scott. And I just love everything! Please keep writing and I'll try to review more often.
Purged Account chapter 30 . 12/21/2003
Hiya! I'm sorry I didn't review this chapter sooner. YET AGAIN I loved it. _ How can I ever not? The simplest of scenes, like the end one with Lancer, Troy and Sal, just have this amazing "feel" to them. Haven't I said it before? _ I'm glad that Troy apologised to Lancer, and that Lancer is doing better. I can't wait to read the next chapter, and hope you update soon!
PS -I've downloaded the Shaun/Fonzo sidestory, will read it tomorrow, and review next time I'm on the net. I was SO shocked to see it in your bio page. I've been waiting months to see more of these two. _
slashstruck chapter 30 . 12/19/2003
more more more! D you seem to have aquired a new fan. i absolutely loved ure last story and im absolutely enthralled by this one, i cant wait till u update...please...its torture...need to know wat happens...
I love the way you portrayed everyones character and the way you built on them throughout the whole story and its fabulous sequeal. there arent that many storys out there with a great variety in characters and definatly arent that many authors out there brave enough to take on the job of heaps of characters at one time. It definatly made the story easier to read, having more than just a few ppl to follow. I cant wait to hear more about scotts mission and i hope that they all get back to their loved ones safe. dont u dare let them die! its as if i know the characters personally. seriously. this is a great story and i hope hope hope you are planning on continuing it.
Purged Account chapter 29 . 12/9/2003
Woah, I cant believe I forgot to review this chapter. Mega apologies. _
A curious chapter, to say the least. What are those bad guys up to? O_o And will this mission against them go off without a hitch? *crosses fingers* It was SO good to see Osip and Scott again. I've missed them both. Especially Osip. *wink, wink* :P
Update again as soon as you can. I'm dying to know what happens. Seriously. _
Dean. x
Purged Account chapter 28 . 11/27/2003
Woah, where did Ree go? O_o She hasn't been reviewing.

Anyway, another sweet chapter. I'm so happy Haldor likes Lancer now. And it's quite strange that for some reason the descriptions of Lancer in this chap made me think he is really good looking. I've never thought that before. O_O

Again, the characterisation is brilliant. Sal is much more confident now. Lancer is starting to get back to his old self and old demons from the end of MR haunt him here (ie -he isn't a killer). And of course I've already covered how I like Haldor's story-arc.

I hope my reviews aren't too brainless. I'm just writing what comes to me now. _ Nicely done, please update again soon!
Purged Account chapter 27 . 11/24/2003
Hey, I liked that chapter a lot. 'bout time we saw a little action. I was wondering about that. The Haldor plot was/is really good, by the way. First seen as a homophobe but slowly coming around to everyone, and then helping out Lancer. I can now say I completely like him too.

This story seems to be going on longer than MR. Maybe you'll surprise me with that, but I think that all the plots will take a while to be resolved and stuff. So Im really glad that there should still be a fair bit left to read. _

Good job, as always. Update again as soon as you can.

Luv Dean.
Purged Account chapter 26 . 11/24/2003
Aww, poor Lancer. The death of Turner still playing heavily on him. But at least WE know that Scott will be fine. Nice to see that Haldor is coming around to him. Who couldnt like Lancer? Definitely a tough little cookie. Poor kid... wait, I probably shouldn't call him kid when he's ALOT older than me. O_o
Purged Account chapter 25 . 11/14/2003
Wow, both cute and sexy. *claps* Juri and Orwel got their acts together. Its about damned time. So all the pairs are coming together now. Im expecting something big to happen any time now. Explosions, people dying -I always expect it when a storyline gets like this.

Anyway, another sweet chappie. Please update again soon. You know you do a damn good job with these characters. I'll be waiting.

Purged Account chapter 24 . 11/10/2003
Damn it! I wrote out this big long-ass review this afternoon, I come on at night and its not there. My computer timed out when I reviewed. if you get two you know why, but if not I just gotta let you know what I thought.

I said something along the lines of this...

Poor Troy and Sal. Thats SO embarrassing. And you have the wickedest and best imagination ever!

Im really worried that Osip is going to die, because I love that guy, and my faves always get killed off. *sighs*

Erm... what else? Oh yeah -if I was anyone in this story it'd be Lancer, Aria or Troy. Just in case you ever wondered, but I dont see how you could. lol

Thats all I think. Bye for now,and please update soon. Me and Ree need our fix of this at least once a week. _~
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