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Ree chapter 23 . 11/5/2003
Yay for Osip not being dead yet! It's so sweet the way Arria misses him... And I'm SO relieved that he had good news. I was going to have a serious cry session in my room if anyone was hurt or dead.

And so the truth about Blaine and Orwel finally comes out! Er... Respectively, that is. Blaine's smart, waiting like he is, but it must be so hard. *gives him a sympathy cookie*

Mwahaha. And YAY for Orwel! Which also calls for a similar yay for Juri *grin* This story is so excellent. I love all your characters to pieces. I squeal and supress doing a little jig every time I see this is updated -

Not that I need to remind you, but update soon, okay? I'll be staring at my computer, waiting until you do!
Purged Account chapter 23 . 11/4/2003
Juri and Orwel sittin a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

Yeah, Im showing my age up tonight. Damn. I guess this has put me in a good mood. Hope you dont mind all this craziness. So we got Haldor going some accepting and Orwel being a closet-case. I like that. Its good psychological stuff. And Im glad we got some news from the mission. *phew*

Okay, but what is it with you and your descriptions? Have I been oblivious so far or is their a lot of sweaty guys in this story? Not that I mind. *grins* Or Juri and his black locks. I guess I never picked up on the cute descriptions. You have a vivid imagination. _~

Keep up the good work. Update soon and I'll go take a look at the website. Bye for now!
Purged Account chapter 22 . 11/4/2003
Okay, you really are trying to kill your readers, arent you? That was beyond words... m/m scenes are usually too smutty or non-descript. Yours was *kisses fingers and makes the smacking sound like the stereotypical Italian chef does*.

Im seriously not this pathetic or immature but when I like something I go overboard. I guess your writing just has something that keeps me and Ree obsessed. lol. You said you enjoyed writing your characters and maybe it showed -it does. Keep it up!
Purged Account chapter 21 . 11/4/2003
Okay -first thing is first. Do you have any idea what the following image does to a young teenage boy like myself? -Corinn peeled his driving suit open down to his navel...- You killed me with that, I hope you know. *laughs*

More effort on the part of Haldor -thats great. And Sal seems to be getting better too. Im glad. Love the happiness, but of course angst always follows. Onward to next chapter!
Purged Account chapter 20 . 11/4/2003
I like this chapter a lot. It was nice that they had that heart-to-heart. The Haldor storyline is really good. I love that all your speech is so natural and not forced sounding, it makes for an enjoyable read.

And I gotta quickly say -during conversations with people online I found a lot of people read MR and this too. They just dont review. So you have more readers then you'd think. _
Ree chapter 22 . 10/30/2003
Chapters like this make me love Corinn and Vanya just that much more. They're two of my absolute favorites in this story. (But I have a LOT of favorites...)

*pesters* So, who does Juri like, huh? Is it Orwel? Or Blaine? o_o;; Or both..? Well, I'll just have to wait for next chapter. Which will be out soon, right? Hopefully. Keep writing - You're awesome!

(Yay. I'm the number 1 female reader. :3 Being your biggest female fan isn't half bad, I suppose. Especially since I'm competing with someone as cool as Dean. Whee...)
Ree chapter 21 . 10/30/2003
I'm extremely curious as to why Sal has that fear of helmets, but I feel like I'm just overlooking something really obvious, so...never mind. ;

It's so good to see more of Lancer, even if he IS depressed. Vanya and Corinn are such good people... they're amazing friends to Lancer. I love your characters to pieces. They all seem so real.

You'd better not hurt Scott!
Ree chapter 20 . 10/30/2003
Wow, I'm so impressed! You managed to have Corinn change Hal's mind in a very convincing way. That was excellent, and I feel like I understand Hal a lot better now. I hope the talk with Troy goes okay. It'd be a shame for their friendship to be ruined...
Ree chapter 19 . 10/30/2003
Aww, the kids are so cute. I love how excited they were just to see Trelissac. It's a good thing the TCs are finally starting to learn how to live without each other, even if it's only one at a time and for just a day.

Hopefully Hal will understand what Corinn and the others are trying to say, and eventually accept Sal.

I mean, how could you NOT like Sal? He's the cutest thing ever!
Ree chapter 18 . 10/30/2003
OOps... I kind of died there for a while. Sorry about that. _ But I'm reviewing again, so it's all good.

I'm really worried about Haldor coming back x.x That could mean hell for Troy and Sal, and practically every other couple on base.

I can't wait for Sal and Troy to get closer. It's so adorable. And OBVIOUS. That last line was perfect. -
Purged Account chapter 19 . 10/24/2003
I really like Juri, but then again I dont think I have 'not' liked anyone in this. But I thought Id mention it. More good stuff. It always surprises me that even when not much at all happens that its always so great and I enjoy it so much. I say it all the time, and Ive probably inflated your ego way too much, but I must always tell you so you will continue and be happy. Im a sucker arent I? *laughs*

More as soon as you can please. Bye!
Purged Account chapter 18 . 10/24/2003
Ah, so its 'Yuri'. I shall remember that. Another sweet chapter. I really like how the story and relationship between Troy and Sal is developing. Im sorry Ive been away for a while, but Im back now and shall be heading on to Ch.19. As always, you amaze me and leave me wanting more, which I have this time. lol

PS -I can be your number 1 favorite male fan, and Ree (who I surmise is a girl) can be your number 1 favorite female reader. Thats even Stevens then.
dark-chanfight chapter 18 . 10/18/2003

I'm aghast, shaken and deeply distressed!

I must have lost my words along the way. (what way? -_-)

I just cannot comprehend why... why... *seatches for words* you haven't received more reviews to those two stories of yours, let alone none for this chapter!

No, I fail to be able to dig up any explanation from the scary depth of my mind. A place I prefer to shelter others from. -_-

Uh, anyway.

Because of that little outburst above you can surely already guess that I ..uhm.. like your way of writing (*frowns* is that correct?) and the ideas concerning this piece of art. Haven't read such a good story in a long time. (It's so difficult to find something after a while.)

Sometimes I hesitate and frown upon too many characters but you managed the plot and its structure well enough. All seems to fluently grap into eachother like a river without any obstacles (*hits head against the wall* *mantra* mustn't quoth Heinrich Böll, mustn't quoth Heinrich Böll).

Whatever. I believe I woudn't mind seeing this as a movie or as series someday. With my (sometimes too) lively imagination I already pictured the episodes while reading.

*drops voice*

...And in the television guide on science fiction night there will be found 'Traces of Doubt' and ‘Mount Robilard’!, ...right next to 'Star Trek' and 'Enterprise'. *dreamy eyes*...

*slaps herself*

Yeah, I wish. -_-

Sorry I'm talking rubbish, but ("truly your forgivness I implore"!) I'm a little bit on the sleep deprivated and hyper side here and can't think clearly at the moment (not that I claim I ever could...)

I already know, that I'm going to hate this review in the morning, but seeing that you've scarcely gotten any comments I couldn't help myself.

I spend the last roughly guessed (gosh I don't even know exactly, I totally lost my sense of time) 30 hours (together with 3 hours sleep and, how do you call it?, late night dinner) practically inhaling your story and now I'm simply high and writing one (see? I just wrote 'wrong' instead!) mistake after another. (Hope I'm still making sense...somewhat... what I know I do not.)

I like Jury. What does he mean with "he had already realized that his own interests just might lie elsewhere"?

Do I see there another pairing coming riding along the horizont?

Hal and Juri *cough*.

No, no, just joking. Also, if he had already realized that than he has to know the person he ‘might be interested in’.

But what am I asuming here? You probably didn't even mean someting with that comment.

Uh, I believe I’m coming dowm from whatever high I was on and on top of that I have school on the morrow (must not think about that hell hole), so I better stop herassing you with my stupid babbling and go drag myself to bed

Mata ne

‘do not dare waking me’



You probably already guessed:

English’s not my native language and I haven’t spell checked so simply ignore the masses of mistakes, please.

Purged Account chapter 17 . 10/15/2003
Ah, such a nice fill-in chapter. And Im so pleased to see yummy-yum Juri back. (by the way, do you pronounce that as in a legal 'jury' in court? lol) So Sal is on the mend and hopefully he and Troy can get together. I hope so. It'll give me warm, mushy feelings -and thats always a good thing for me.

I wonder what you have planned next? More action perhaps? You did a lot with that in 'MR'. Anyhoo -I await the next chapter and to see what happens next.

Your faithful fan (or pet... maybe stalker... nah -Im not like that) Dean. x
Ree chapter 17 . 10/14/2003
*bounces around the room* Aww, look at Troy and Sal! *beams* It's so cute. And it's so OBVIOUS, too. I mean, everyone else has already picked up on it, so why haven't they?

Well, whatever. They're still cool. They can take their time if they want, but only because they're so CUTE.

We get to see Juri again! I kinda missed hearing about him for a while. Does he get a guy, too, soon? All your characters should be happy. I love ALL of them, and they all deserve it.

Which reminds me! I'm in complete agreeance with Dean here. Don't you dare kill off anyone, or we'll BOTH come after you, I'm sure.

Anyhow, I'm sure I don't need to remind you, since Dean always does anyway, but continue it soon! *nudge* It's beautiful and I LOVE it

I'm going to have to compete with Dean for being your biggest fan. o.x I suppose I could settle for second best...
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