Reviews for The Unsaid Words
glitterjewele chapter 1 . 9/8/2003
great! one of the things i liked best about this poem was how you don't specify exactly WHAT things are unsaid ~ focusing on *how* you will say them gives the unsaid words more meaning than if you had spelled them straight out. also, this was extraordinarily well-written. the rhythm was amazing ~ especially in this part: "but no one else will speak the things that must be said/except for me." the "except for me" on the next line was a stroke of brilliance. it created a remarkable sound and conveyed this feeling of strength and solidarity and determination. my favorite lines in this one were "except for me," "i will let my anger heat my voice and my pain make it shiver" (the shiver in particular got to me), and "a cadence worth marching to." a really teriffic poem - stunning. great job!