Reviews for False Facades
pixy-dizzy chapter 12 . 11/23/2003
*squeal* i LOVE your story! aw, the "little hellions" are so sweet! omg, i cannot wait until they discover that sam's a girl! *squeal* ok, i'll stop being a prep now.
JetStar chapter 11 . 11/23/2003
Wow, I just read this whole thing in one sitting! I LOVED it! Write more! Write more! Is Sam going to end up with Vincent? I love Vincent. He's so cute. I am so glad I'm not in her position. All those moments with William would make me so embarassed I'd die. When is Vincent going to find out she's a girl? Are any of the other guys going to find out she's a girl? Okay, this thing is long enough already and I have math homework to do.

blondechick chapter 11 . 11/23/2003
your upsetting my routine!

i read a new chapter every week and last week there was no update!

and this week there was no update!

please update soon

i can't wait
Night Lily chapter 11 . 11/22/2003
I like this story. Kinda cute. The triple Alliance hting is cool :) Update soon.
Village chapter 11 . 11/22/2003
This story is very amusing. Please don't leave us hanging too much longer.
I-Wuv-Muffins chapter 11 . 11/21/2003
Oh my goodness! I absolutely ADORE this story! It has to be the cutest thing I have read in like... forever! You made me read this whole thing because I like this so much! Definitely on my fave stories list! For the love of Jesus, Update soon!
kit chapter 11 . 11/21/2003
EmilioIP chapter 1 . 11/20/2003
Please update this soon. I am dying for the next chapter.
melody chapter 11 . 11/20/2003
please update soon! I'm dying to know what happens
NeWriter chapter 11 . 11/20/2003
Okay, I'm a formal person in stories and I suggest that you write words like "She sighed and shifted in her comfy bed" comfy or whatever in their true name: COMFORTABLE. It looks more professional, you know ;) Other than that, YAY! I GUESSED!

Cool to have the confession and the reason there; you made a little detail from before become a great reason! Nice chapter :D. Can't wait for more!;)
NeWriter chapter 10 . 11/20/2003
It's been long time since I read this story and I did see some improvement in this chapter. I see that you wrote it with more feelings and I didn't wonder about the period thing before... lol. It's good to know that you are having new and fresh ideas each time! Although I thought Danielle would or will detect some feminine in Sam later on... ;) I'm gonna keep reading now! :D
Adelle Morone chapter 11 . 11/18/2003
OMIGOD I LOVE THIS STORY! It's got like everything! You're a wonderful writer! And all of those questions I've been wondering about, like her period, are gonna be answered in the future, heh -_-; But I absolutely love this!

Anyway, I love Sammy and Vincent! They so should go together! This is such a great story! AH! Man I can't wait until you add more!
Lilac chapter 11 . 11/18/2003
Wow! I LOVE this story! You have some awesome characters and I love the humor! Can't wait to see the next chapter! _
GwenFitz chapter 11 . 11/17/2003
This has been a terrifically funny read! I am imploring you to write more. I love it! :) Though I hate you because I can't decide of I like Tristan of Vinnie more. ARGH!

Rebecca chapter 11 . 11/16/2003
Hey hey hey? Where's my update? Oh where, oh where has my little update gone... oh where, oh where can he (it) be?

Ehehehe. Reading your new chapters every weekend has become part of my routine. So update soon, mmkay? I look forward to it!
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