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Tae chapter 14 . 2/19/2004
Nice going. The characters seem to be getting comfortable with each other, and that's nice, especially as it doesn't *seem* like it's too soon, time-wise. A lot of characters seem to be joining for a while, and then running off though. Or maybe it's just me. Cephiril seems to be big on secrets, withholding a lot of info from the rest and stuff. Overall, nice plot, nice development, nice story.
ruth chapter 12 . 1/11/2004
your insistence amuses me... (:
Claimer: I own all characters! Heard that, Miss Kangy?
This chapter is for Roxanne. But the characters are mine.
'nuff said. like your descriptions as usual :P
Camelot chapter 12 . 1/10/2004
Thanx shana, for posting up this chapter so i get your point,rest i love love love love love this chapter,thank you thank you thank you thank you...all my thanz and regards to you...(",)
Gee hasn't Roxanne's hand healed already, it s taking a mighty long time ye noe... I must express my agreement that the ice mages' castle is better that the village.
Oh a wall of roses so cool... roses are very beautiful, i love roses,they are one of my favourites...hey the roses are magical, duh they are hard as steel and sharp like blade...and that is what makes them special too.
The fact that they cannot pass through also means that the ice mages' hae taken much precaution against outsiders and enemies...good for them...
Um, hate to break it to ya but i think that Apple is a girl's name... but i suppose maybr it could be unisex since you used wateva...
Aw, so sweet the horses ae so well-behaved, and this also proves that horses are of fine bred and are valuable...
Ahh i see that Glenida's cloak is not forgotten and is put to good use.I have a feeling that the inn is very crowded and that Daray still has some of his thief's instincts with him...Good thing tha Cephiril has loosen up a bit already, high time he should.
Ohmigosh, Jasper's horse is so beautiful from the way you describe it...(a fine white stallion with glittering silvery reins upon which were hung tiny golden bells that rang merrily in the breeze. The horse's mane and tail were silky and shimmering).I can almost see it...and of course a good and magneficent horse has to have a good and magnificent and good-looking master or rider and i see that Jasper meets the requirements.(His skin was fair and unblemished, and underneath the folds of the cloak he wore they could see a fine silk robe. All told, he was very beautiful in a mystical sort of way, and as the sunlight shone down upon his hair, it glittered like a diamond in its rays.)
Nice name for the horse. Do you have to hurt the poor guy like that...he has to bleed and everything, poor thing...but i hope he doesn't feel the pain,does he?
I must say that Aria is a nice name for a beautiful lady like herself...and nice of her to welcome them with warm opening arms...
Anyway, like i said...i love this chapter and you have done an extremely good job so keep it up sistah...
see u soon,tata!(",)
(P. if there are typo errors, am typing fast coz no time)!
KC-Smith chapter 1 . 1/9/2004
i love your descriptions and your characters are intreaging. The inly word of advis I'd say would be to make it flow from one person to the other. Also, the theif seemed a bit unrealistic because of his fighting. How would a slave fight so well? And why would he be so cautious before he stole the pear if he knew he could defeat the soliders? Maybe it's just me, but anyways, I really liked it and I know your futer work will be very interesting if you continue. Good Job! Oh, and where did you think up the constillation names? That was wonderful. Probally my favorite part was your descriptions of consillations. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) Wonderful, I really enjoyed it. ~Kaegan
Mustard chapter 11 . 12/29/2003
Dude...this rocks! I'm almost getting a Lord of the Rings feel...Impending war, broken alliances, crazy fathers. Very cool. Will there, by any chance, be a romance between Shin To and Rene? That would be very interesting...
Camelot chapter 11 . 12/28/2003
Thought you might want this review...
Good thing that Raleigh found his way it was so sweet,a family reunion...Sigh, he is so determined to talk his father out of the alliance they had with the East...and it's about time his father heeded his advice..His mother must be heartbroken to hear that he suffered so much...(i like her Old English accent)But,why does Raleigh live in a cave? Strange!
One question,Geru is a Western dragon right?It is quite ironic ye noe, that they are against Desdemona yet they are using her dragon to warn other kingdoms...funny leh. But i guess it is their only way out.
Gee, Rene didn't have to hurt Roxanne like that, she got burnt then insulted,a double blow it is.
Snow? I sense somthing comin up...lookin forward..update soon,Good Luck...
Mustard chapter 10 . 12/20/2003
Hey...I am so glad you wrote some more. I had been quite anxious and worried about you. I'm glad you didn't abandon this story altogether. Buena Suerte! (Good luck, for those of you who don't speak Spanish)
Camelot chapter 10 . 12/17/2003
Good chapter...and it is about time you ,poor Rene,he can't seem to remember much of his past and still has to struggle with the evil in his mind,someone ought to help him.
I see Daray fears his ex-master pretty much his cooking,well, it isn't that bad(i think)but not all that good either,from the way you describe it.I'd like to see him poison the food, but i doubt he would,right?
Nice names you have there for the royal stars(Cephiril,Celina,Cetrina,Cerphyro, Cerine.)Good is nice of Shin-to to bandage Rene. there isn't much about Roxanne in this chapter,so no comments.
Sigh,Serebii is just as magnificent as i have a question,how can Cepheus miss Shin-to and gang when Rene can see him?Anyway that is not important, so never mind.
Keep updatin...tata!
Gen Monty chapter 9 . 12/14/2003
Nice story! update soon! haha, chapt 7 is SO lotr! haha, yeah, like when galadriel gave the gifts to the frodo and co? haha, well, keep up the good work!
Mustard chapter 9 . 11/2/2003
Well...I am glad you decided to write some more. I really like this whole Rene-Desdemona thing. It is actually quite original
Camelot chapter 8 . 10/29/2003
Hi dearie...This is the review you , do me a favour and the rest of your readers and post up chapter 9 quickly. Okay?

Anyway...this chapter 8 is a rather educational one since it told us more information on cepheus and serebii. Try to add in more action next timeto make it more exciting and adventurous.

Ta ta!
Howling WereWolf chapter 8 . 10/15/2003
Mono it is.

Update soon.
natanna chapter 8 . 10/14/2003
well, no matter what anyone says I liked it. :)
mich chapter 8 . 10/14/2003
that explains it. could you explain the 'history' of the other chars too, besides cepheus and daray. btw, not bad. improved, thy olde english has.
Camelot chapter 1 . 10/12/2003
Okay i love ur story... Really fascinating and indeed does make people crave for the next chapter(e.g. me)I like ur names and have great names and great personalities.

Cephiril: Admirable

Shin-to: Gutsy

Roxanne: Aristocrat

Daray: Stubborn

Raleigh: Beautiful
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