Reviews for Finding America
Platypi chapter 1 . 11/22/2003
NAT: Dude, don't review my poem without even mentioning my poem, that's what my e-mail address in my profile is there for. Besides, it's annoying to communicate through reviews, especially because I don't intend on reviewing this piece in this review.

In response: No prob! I'm glad you appreciate my reviewing; if you want to pay me back at all, I love being reviewed in the detailed way I like to review others, though I mostly post poems (which are harder to review in detail or offer suggestions for).

Ah, now I understand about the bull bear... should still be made clearer in the story that it's a bull BEAR, you not knowing the terminology is no excuse for misusing it hehe (try for quick reference). Adding that it's an old male is not necessary, that it's a bad catch is evident from context.

Yah, I can proof this story... but I would rather do it in a Microsoft Word document, using the "Tracking Changes" option, which allows you to clearly see what I changed and would probably help improve your grammar if you chose to pay attention. If you really don't want to do it that way, I probably would want to edit it for grammar in a text editor and paste the revised text to a review or an e-mail.