Reviews for Trading Faces
ReinaLucille chapter 10 . 5/20/2005
as another note, to is used for things like i went to the store, i have to do this, i dont want to do that.. too means more of also, as well like.. i want to go too, or its used like.. that shirt is too green.. you mix those up too... now on to the next chapter!
thornsxinxyourxside chapter 24 . 5/20/2005
OMG.. it was so awesome... I'm happy you finished it, and I liked the ending _ Woot! Now.. you just have to get it published.. huzzah! Or are you going to...? I dunno... awesome work
ReinaLucille chapter 4 . 5/20/2005
so far so good.. very freaky friday-esque. as a correction note.. your possesive.. like your hat, your shoes you're is the contraction of you and are.. like you're dumb, you're late, you're not coming.. you've mixed those up a few times. now on to the next chapter!
Ms Urania chapter 23 . 5/8/2005
Yay for Matt! Boo to Nicky-cowardly, cover-up wearing, superficial girl hitting wanker! I'm glad that you're not dragging this out, although I'm disappointed you didn't develop Shawna's character, as she had the most to learn, to make her epiphany into a better person more realistic. I actually think she's my favourite character alongside Matt. Looking forward to the final chapter.

Oh, and those lyrics, at first I thought you were parodying and then Nicky said Usher and it all made sense: "It’s only a sexual thing". How very romantic!
Ms Urania chapter 21 . 5/8/2005
Shawna's reaction to Matt was hilarious, as was Joey's reaction to Jay'
Ms Urania chapter 19 . 5/8/2005
Matt's mum sounds badass! Matt's going through some serious turmoil, isn't he? I like the idea of Joey trying to communicate through song lyrics.
Ms Urania chapter 14 . 5/8/2005
Nice to see Matt's POV. That was a funny and sweet memory.
Ms Urania chapter 12 . 5/8/2005
This was an insightful chapter as it showed us a slightly different side to him that even Joey wasn't aware of. *sigh* I'm just liking him more and more!
Ms Urania chapter 8 . 5/8/2005
I'm actually finding Shawna pretty entertaining, for some reason I'm not disliking her as much, probably because I can't help sympathising with her in this situation. Hope we learn more about Jay/Nicky in later chapters, as so far I've not found him impressive. I'd much prefer Matt. Also, I don't know if this will be explained later, but how does someone falling in love with Joey in Shawna's body connect with Shawna learning not to be mean to Joey? I mean it doesn't really teach Shawna a lesson.
Ms Urania chapter 6 . 5/8/2005
Oh what a twist-I didn't see that little side effect of the spell happening! I think Matt is my favourite character so far-poor guy must be absolutely bewildered! This is great so far; I like your writing and I'm glad that you haven't made it too predictable. On to the next chapter...
Mis chapter 23 . 5/6/2005

This story is good, I like it, and all...

but ergh. Quoting Napolean Dynamite in the author's note? You disappoint me...

Kidding, sort of. Anyway, can't wait for the last chapter.
krirobe chapter 23 . 4/28/2005
It is so beautiful! I loved it! Matt is so awesome! Take your time with the last chapter! I don't want the story to end!
nedi chapter 23 . 4/23/2005
she changed back! wow, i'm so excited for joey! lol. but about shawna... i feel bad that her reputation's ruined... i mean, whoa. she got slapped. (technically no, but you know what i mean.) nicky's such a jerk. but great chapter!

Masavi chapter 23 . 4/23/2005
Aw... it was so sweet. Even if I did have another idea in my head, it was still awesome. Go ahead and post de twenty-fourth chapter. Good luck with the ending.
Masavi chapter 22 . 4/23/2005
OMG! LUCKY YOU!... I think. My friendship bracelet broke while I pressed the "Submit Review" button. Mweeheehee. That was fabulous! _ By the way... did I recently burst my arteries by laughing? Oh well... I died a happy death... if you do die when your artery bursts. Okie dokie... LOL I was about to type "artichoke" for "artery". Good thing I caught me mistake.
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