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ahem chapter 7 . 1/16/2015
Oh, man... I was actually rooting for Tegan.

The format of your chapter's pretty cool. Though. Short, concise, funny and direct to the point.
Buttface chapter 9 . 11/15/2014
Porn Yesterday chapter 1 . 9/25/2006
It s'all right. Don't worry too much. I can relate, a fellow bisexual. Sure, I might not be a boy, and sure, I might not be in love with my best friend either but. It's the thought that counts.

We're all a little bit in love with our friends, though - especially those of the opposite kind. It's something we're attracted to that makes us friends in the first place.

Some of us are just luckier than others. Hope things are going well.

Haha. Yeah. Three years later.


Be good, do good, and keep doing that good thing you do.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bisexual.

Look, it's a dead body... !

It's a girl...

Let's poke her boobs!

Morbid, am I not?
Naomi Schemer chapter 9 . 4/29/2006
Aww, this is cute. I don't know if it was real or not, but quite frankly, I do not care. I love playing Truth or Dare on trampolins, though...**Sigh** it's so fun. You have a great style of writing, if your grammar occaisionally dwindels to nothing.
Mr. Izzy Fabulous chapter 9 . 10/14/2005
WOW...*claps and smiles8 go James and Cameron aka Harrison! I feel so special, that you trust the world including me with this info (not largely needed info, but it is interesting)(thank you for not going into explicit detail tho). Excuse me for a minute... (shut up, that wasn't necessary)(I think I was being pretty nice when i said that I plainly do not want to hear about James screwin Harrison)(well, i do!)(Wow, u r a sick perv)(not like that, damn u! I just think its cute( (r u sure ur not...)(watch it, before I stick the keyboard up ur a$$)*cowers in a corner*. Okay, I'm back. But that was cute. Ha, now that I think of it, I'm kinda a mix between u and trevor, and terry (I LOVE the macarena, and doing it out in the middle of the road with only mi boxers on seems fun; I WOULD strip down naked and swim in a cold pool, even if I knew I'd get a cold after; and I HATE chickening out of dares, so, assuming I knew the friend well, I would eventually have to kiss him, or else I'd live in misery, ruining my perfect record of always doing the dares I 'm given.) *smiles* Lol. But thats me, ya know? i really have ta go to the bathroom (that was a poor excuse)(its not an excuse, gawd dangit, I really have to go!)(sure you do) *beats self up*...oh, wait, what was I saying? Og yeah, I have to go to the bathroom BAD, so (yeah right) (don't start)*cowers in a corner again*, I'll email you sometime later, and It'll be your choice whether you respond to it, or run away screaming (as you probably will). Tell Harrison, Terry, Trevor, Sarah, and Liam I said hi! Even tho they dont know me, and (neither do you for the matter). Byes!Dai-chan
Mr. Izzy Fabulous chapter 8 . 10/14/2005
Hey, I'm a reviewer, I think I might just take u up on that offer to email you personally, I love t ochat too! Chatting is fun! Lets chat sometime (shut up fool, ur making a fool of urself)(well, if i am a fool like u just called me a fool, then why wouldn't i be making a fool of myself?)(I...uh...SHUT UP!)(He hehehehe, I win) *starts throttling self* H..ELP! No! *evil laughter*. Umm... yeah, bye!Dai-chan
Mr. Izzy Fabulous chapter 6 . 10/14/2005
Damn! I just realized, this was posted in 2003! That means ur not 14 anymore. Gosh, just when I thought I found another 14 yr old that reminds me of me, you go on and be ...wat, 16 now? I feel so stupid now. But, enough about my slow-to-pick-things-up-ness, I guess any advice on this subject is useless now, huh? I mean, u've probably figuerd out what to do about your dilema, its been two yers... now if i could only figure out how to deal with mine (what dilema?) (u know, the one where...oh, never mind, ur being stupid). Oh well, I'm going to keep reading, and...i don't know. Dai-chan
Mr. Izzy Fabulous chapter 5 . 10/14/2005
Oh...mi gawd. Okay, Now I know why you were all like "This is not a soap opera" in the begining. I'm gonna read the rest of the chapters, to make sure I know every little detail, but if I were you... I don't know what I'd do... (yes u do) (shut up, no I don't)(do to)(well...). I've got the shivers now. Not the disgusted kind of shivers, and not the cold kind of shivers, but... I don't know. I may be able to help you, but... wait... idk. Um... yeah. Keep writing tho, your life is like, extremely interesting (I'm madd i'm so nosy about someone I don't even know. LOL. Dai-chan
Mr. Izzy Fabulous chapter 3 . 10/14/2005 many times...can I...damn it... I wish...but no... not yet. Sorry, random convesation/heated argument with myself, but no need to worry yourself over that. You know what... you remind me extremely like...well, Infact, it's scary. But...thank you...i now kno that I'm not the only 14 year old boy that has problems. Well, obviously I knew that before, but still... (stop stuttering or whatever your doing stupid!)...(go ahead, continue). But yeah. Yay for the crazy teenage boys!
confwuzzled chapter 9 . 5/1/2005
omg! ur life is VERY interesting! yay, u and Cameron/harrison got together! exciting! lol i like that liam/rhys dude...hehe, hilarious! love it! LMAO!~*~confwuzzled~*~
Ashley Arsenic chapter 9 . 4/7/2005
Why have you never updated this? You lived a perfect slash story here and you NEVER updated it. I laughed so much at the park chapter, really. It was quite amusing. You are so lucky to have experienced something like this. I ENVY YOU! I know it's been a while since you last updated this but I hope that since then, things have been alright. ok, bye now.
envy me chapter 9 . 2/9/2005
This is really good . it is touching and I am addicted I am a 14 year old bi(curious) too . email me if you want to talk about anything . . .
NINLoverD chapter 1 . 9/19/2004
Is this really true? I would tell her or find out if she likes you too through a friend. Thats what I would do because if you know you love someone then you have to find out. I wouldnt sit there in the dark with a berden that great, i really would tell her. I proberly sound such an idiot but hey im giveing a little advice for once. Tell her. Things work out for the best.
D x x
Shaeinara chapter 9 . 9/11/2004
love it. takes gus o put your life up on display like that.
Saturn-hime chapter 9 . 7/18/2004
The best thing about this is that its so truthful! *glomps you (and liam/rhys for good measure)* i especially love your writing style XD sarcastic but...great at the same time~
it'd be kind of creepy telling my secrets to the world o.o *thumbs up* kudos to you!
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