Reviews for Social Dissident
Sarah Parker chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
ah, don't I know how this goes... very powerful poetry here. another great job. this one's very angry yet at the same time sad.
Inoperative chapter 1 . 10/13/2003
go bloody scream - there can never (NEVER) be too much random stupidness.

ahem... *coughs* *hits caden for no apparent reason* caden: oww...people keep hitting me *crys*

alec: *hits caden*

caden: what was that for?

alec: *shrugs* i got lonely, everyone else was doing it it...

random popular person: go comformity, you good thing!

alec: SHUT UP! it was not conformity, it was funny! ok? pfft...

*Sheila decides that this review has stretched beyond all normal perrameters* *she also decides she can't spell*


well, as usual it's a brilliant poem! and i love it, and erm yeah - it rocks...

"Hurting inside, but numb at the same time

Do you know about me or do you believe the lies?

I'm not like they say I am

Look with your own eyes"

yep - loved that.

yep - loved the whole thing.

yep - i've run out of things to say

*gasps of horror*

*laughs manically*
Winter Requiem chapter 1 . 10/4/2003
"I don't really fit in anywhere

No one really likes me for what I am"

We really need to get to know eachother offline, I think. *walks away muttering*

*comes back realising she didnt finish the review* Kudos to this, I cant see the world through your eyes, but I can understand in my own way. IT ROX MY SOX. (sorry, trying to be original here, excuse the stupidness)