Reviews for Stitches
Jazzy Baby chapter 1 . 10/13/2003
ok first off i hav to say, it was one of those that when you look at the cover so to speak (first stanza, just go with it, i'm trying to be creative) you alomst expect or want the rest to go along to fit your needs, (the readers needs), but it didn't do that at all, none was expected or unliked, although i almost wish it had gone a certain way, not writing wise btu life wise. but you denounce that in this poem, forever saying that for all the hardship, you had life and innocense and happiness in those precious unforgetable hazy memories. and thats exactly how life is, a rare happy ending. you didnt' ask for pitty, but hope, but memories, but to give something back. and thats all.

i miss you hun,