Reviews for Onion Tears
KayBird chapter 1 . 10/6/2003
Thank you for reviewing my stories! I appreciate your thoughtful comments very much! This poem is quite excellent! It sort of reminds me of when I've never lost anyone, and therefore do not truly know that feeling. Very well written, and I love the idea of the onions. COntinue writing! This is great stuff! Very neat!
Red Masque chapter 1 . 10/5/2003
This is great; the content's really sad. I've had that emotion before; overwhelming self pity for lacking emotion when it should be overflowing, thus leading to self hate. ::sigh:: oh well.

lol i was looking at my mailbox this morning and i was like O.O- i'm glad you liked my stuff! Yes, i reuse my locales quite frequently. Desiree is my main town, closely followed by Modesty. I wouldn't wanna live in either place. And i try to make things kindof open ended in most of my stories- that's part of the reason i have trouble finishing older stuff. Since there's no set ending, it's satisfying for me. ::shrugs:: try figuring that rationale out. I suppose the girl from 'chase' could be the girl from 'nod'. the nod girl was definitely on my mind when i was writing chase. she's definitely creepy... maybe she'll recur again? who knows. i actually had a dream very similar to the one described in nod, and that's where i got that image... very clear and vivid... ::shudders:: my dreams are kinda strange lol. funnily enough, i was suffering from some sort of sleep deprivation at the time... hehe, a bit of autobiography, i suppose... anywho, i guess there's still hope for 'rosebrook' to be finished (although i'd be starting over; i kinda went off onto a tangent in it, plus i'm gonna put dates up so the setting is a little less confusing). but r.h... i think he's dead. lol, yeah... there's not much hope for monsieur gettacleu... lol and never worry about 'annoying' me with excessive reviewing; i'm addicted to praise :D. well, i'm off to read the rest of your work!

::flashes smile::