Reviews for My Great Escape
glitterjewele chapter 1 . 10/4/2003
lo and behold o mighty heavens! IT WORKS! i can actually access this site for the first time in 48 hours! *cue hallelujah chorus* yay! :D *ehem* and now, onward to ze review!

i most definitely like this. it has this really intriguing aura of mystery to it, kinda like it's tinged by something similar to fairy tale magic. but not really. it's more grounded than that kinda. at first i was wondering what it was exactly that you were plunging into, lol, my first thought was a book, and then i thought maybe something like drugs or alcohol, but then the 'stories and legends' part kinda brought me back to step one, which was good. i really loved that sort of mysterious semi-ambiguity about it during the first half. i really liked the lines "to discover solace in words," and "independence/from my misery." nice work! onward to the next one! :D