Reviews for He Punks Me Not
SadisticSonsRule chapter 11 . 4/5/2013
I officially love this story:)
SadisticSonsRule chapter 7 . 4/5/2013
Diamondz28x2 chapter 25 . 3/28/2013
I'm conflicted, while I loved this story and how it ended, a part of me wishes you had gone the cliche route. Maybe its because I just finished a super depressing story here on FP and was hoping to read something with a lovey dovey ending. Idk. Though I know the chances are slim, it would be great if you wrote maybe a one-shot set like five years in the future about Riz and Stine and their relationship, whether it grew or not. I guess its just the hopeless romantic in me that wishes these two eventually get together. All in all it was a great story and I was honestly laughing out loud at some points, and crying at others. You're an awesome writter :))
Ceskasi chapter 25 . 3/18/2013
Hey! So yeah it's year 2013... Ten years ago you started this story which I just happened to stumble on... I don't even know if you'll read this, but I'm gonna review anyways. So yeah, I CRIED. Seriously! When I read the last chapter I just broke down. A bittersweet ending. I admit, I love bittersweet endings but they still leave me with so many mixed feelings!
Kimberley chapter 25 . 3/15/2013
I read this story back in...I dunno, back in the day, I suppose I'll call it! I'm posting as "anonymous" because my account won't let me log in. But yeah, I've re-read this story TONS, and I never get tired of it!

I really wish Stine and Riz had an epilogue!:'( I love Stine. So much. He's such an adorable bad boy. Riz, you're such a silly woman! Hehe.

anyway, I just wanted to review, and tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed this, even if it is just left up as a kind of, comparison to what you write now, I still think the plot, the characters - are all so wonderful:)
darkouthere chapter 25 . 2/23/2013

i loved all the different issues you addressed in this story and how realistic some of the people and events are. the fact that riz was shallow and crazy is typical high school girl, so even though i was embarrassed for her a lot, i could totally relate. i think you handled cassie's storyline really well and i appreciated it because it was something similar to what i went through (the perfection thing, not so much the boyfriend thing). i think the best thing about this story, however, was how funny it was. there were some bittersweet and serious scenes mixed with hilarious dialogue and commentary. seriously, i was cackling to myself, trying to be quiet because it's late and i didn't want to wake anyone up.

so great job!
Pursephone chapter 25 . 1/15/2013
I'm kinda speechless. This story is captivating. It was easy to relate to Riz in every chapter, and your ending was realistic. :) But how ever realistic it was, it also was kinda disappointing, and sad. I was hoping for something more... I don't know. Maybe something happier, more Stine and Riz together-y. If that makes sense. Laughed so much with this story and the fan girl in me is blossoming with hope for a sequel but the writer and sensible side of me know how slim a chance that is. I really hope you are considering working on the sequel.
n7shoujo chapter 6 . 12/22/2012

Iunno. I like Oz tho. :D

Hm. We'll see...
Sarah chapter 25 . 12/18/2012
i just finish and read your story. I love the story but totally would love a sequel for Stan and Charisse!
Too Much Info chapter 25 . 11/24/2012
My heart just dropped. I mean. As soon as I read the first line of the last chapter...I knew how it was going to end, or actually, when Stine "broke" up with her...I think I knew then. I laughed SO much during this story, really comforting when I'm all moody and depressed. I LOVE Lash. I just. omg. I want to meet him. Amazing work on this story :) I really wish you'd write a sequel but seeing how old this story is now, I'll just make up my own stories in my mind.
Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf chapter 25 . 11/23/2012
I wanna read the sequel... If there is one...
Good but I didn't really like the ending... :(
MeBeKiki chapter 25 . 11/4/2012
Never in my life have I cried over a story until now. I mean, I'm being fricking serious right now. I always thought the idea was ridiculous, even if you love a story so much... crying over it? No. But this... I read the end, and tears are streaming down my face. My heart just twisted. This is beautiful. I love you. Just, nothing else to say. God. This. Just. Ugh.
twibbit chapter 25 . 9/4/2012
Guest chapter 25 . 9/1/2012
please do a Sequal, this is one of my favourite stories on FP and the relationship between the two is just beautiful... PLEASE
DA-chen1 chapter 25 . 8/31/2012
Love it.
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