Reviews for Of Silence In A Screaming Heart
Amara the Warrior chapter 1 . 7/14/2005
Having a question at the end really strengthened the poem. Good job.
Blue-Eyed Death chapter 1 . 4/2/2004
go jay! its a good poem I love it! being dark is cool so don't be dissin the dark! just kidding. (you still owe me 50 cents)
HaiXi'Deception'Tian chapter 1 . 11/29/2003
Cool! i think it's a really sad poem. Sorta scary, cold, sad, and dead.
' What answer do you see? '
I see a child's broken soul,
Heads'll roll.
No innocent should
Suffer so.
'Till the point of
I see no answer,
No answer in pain.
Give what love you have,
No matter how small.
Any golden drop.
Some wandering soul needs
Any warmth it can find.
Answer in kindnes
Mend the heart,
End the death,
Still the bleeding.
I see an answer's glow
Deep inside.
A rainbow shield that
Softens life's breath,
Heals the pain.
The heart will beat,
Death will end,
Blood will stay
Inside the soul
Warming it, letting it,
I see every answer.
-HaiXi 'Deception' Tian