Reviews for Hell
Beth chapter 1 . 5/29/2004
The Sleeping Beauty chapter 1 . 10/27/2003
Ah... What can I say... um... this is wonderful. Hell indeed. We're all dying anyway. But it ends. In order for something to exist, it must end, so hang in there.
Inoperative chapter 1 . 10/17/2003
strangest thought of the day (and there were many): i had the strangest desire to throw an ice cube at the back of a man's head *collapses into giggles*

caden: this may take a while

obi-wan: if you think htis is bad, you should have seen her before.

caden: yeah she had this whole "the voices are telling me to kill you! run! RUN! RUN NOW!" thing going...scary...just when i thought she could get no stranger...

*still laughing wildly*

*half hour later*

ok, well i like it. *gasps* will there ever be a poem/song she doesn't like? yes, my fair people there will be - and there has been - it's just that paula, i doubt will ever see - because i only dislike crap, stupid, etc, etc, ones, and hers are never like that!

hehe - sorry, i'm tired.

lovely poem


go you

scooby do, i'm sure would have enjoyed it *everyone is at a complete and utter loss as to where and how scooby do comes into this* that's ok, so am i.

dude - it rocks - i love it - just think we could play/do/sing this song - if only we could manage to get the band thing going...


no seriously - i am suffering sleep depreivation...

how's brisbane?
paxdriver chapter 1 . 10/15/2003
god i know i don't review you nearly as often as i oughtta, and for that i apologize. Just to say, and i know this doesn't mean much from a computer screen but i hope you can appreciate this half as much as i appreciate your feedback. YOU ARE FUCKING BRILLIANT. you write like you see the simplest of things in the most complex ways, and the obvious things you write with the passion and emotion i know you have behind it. every day we bitch about stupid drivers, stupid teachers, stupid workers, stupid pedestrians... lol it's nice to be amazed by some competence rather than their incompetence. things may not be brighter, but knowing there's people that have thoughts passing through their heads definitely brings out a sigh of relief. thank you for bringing up the world's iq