Reviews for Fear Not the Wolves
psychedelic mishap chapter 35 . 5/23/2005
whe. update! i've got exams i really shouldn't be reading..but anyway. i was lost in the short paragraph withbryony! about the pendant. is it good or bad? gah! and cheers to you for finally adding in lupe again! D though i'm slightly confused about that too. *sigh* exams befuddle my mind with little nothings. i'm so bad at studying. anyways, i need to go now so updaet soon!
Crystal chapter 35 . 5/22/2005
Oh, please update! This story is so good! There's amazing characterization and the places are so vividly drawn up. It's so rare to find work of good quality on the net but this definitely rates in the top ranks!
lool chapter 35 . 5/22/2005
Mya von Dor chapter 35 . 5/22/2005
I really like this! You could say I'm almost obsessed! But I thought I'd point out a couple things about the opening sequence with the chainmaille bit. One, having it hit the door wouldn't cause it to break, chainmaille's designed to take slashes from weapons, which are a lot narrower than a door, and so you wouldn't have links going everywhere (unless maybe it was super shoddy, as in liable to break when almost anything solid hit it). Also, chainmaille may be heavy, but I don't think you could knock someone unconscious with it. I may be wrong about the second part, but I'm sure about the first part. I make chainmaille (jewelry) in my spare time, so... :) Anyway, love the story and can't wait to see where it goes!
J. AnnLouise chapter 34 . 5/18/2005
I don't want to stop reading but I have to go. This is so good. I'm really really enjoying it. I know I saw that a lot but I am.
J. AnnLouise chapter 28 . 5/18/2005
I'm really enjoying this. You're such a good write except for the few little mistakes that everybody makes.
J. AnnLouise chapter 17 . 5/17/2005
I just can't quit reading. I really need to go to bed but I kept on telling myself one more chapter now that it is three chapters later. I'm hocked. It's that good. Believe it.
J. AnnLouise chapter 11 . 5/17/2005
I don't want to stop reading it but I have to go do the dishes. *sniff* I'll half to finish this later. Hopefully sometime soon.
J. AnnLouise chapter 6 . 5/17/2005
I'm liking it very much. I've seen a few grammar and spelling mistakes but other than that it's great.
J. AnnLouise chapter 2 . 5/17/2005
Ok. I'm reviewing. My friend kept on telling me to read this story, so I am. I must admit though that wolves are my favorite animal. I LOVE them!
J. AnnLouise chapter 1 . 5/17/2005
The prolog wasn't bad. I saw a couple of grammar mistakes and one misspelling or should I saw a forgotten 't'. Other than that it was good.
scissor sex chapter 1 . 5/17/2005
i can't believe this excellent story doesn't have more reviews! (i'm reviewing for chapter 1, but i actually read up until seventeen).

the ideas are fresh and original. the best part is that you provide plenty of details to make it all believable- for example, the wolf god, the various customs of the tribe. what i love best are the fact that you've ultimately "created" a new "culture". the wolf tribe have their unique customs and traditions (such as "taking women" *cough*rape*cough* and not having women in the tribe). i love how it all gives an other-worldly feeling to the story.

the names are also nice. i don't understand "ralph" (lupe's father) amongst all the other fantasy-esque names, because of "ralph s. mouse and the motorcycle" (you know, that children's book by beverly cleary?) but oh. eh. :P the rest of the names bryony, lupe, the king's name (can't spell it yet) are noice.

as for your writing...not much to say. it's just GOOD. that's all. (not to demean it or anything) i can't find any flaws. :)

i hate/love the king. i don't like the character, but i like HOW you created him. multilayered. like all of your characters. though of course i'd like to see MORE characterization of bryony and lupe- the settings are unique, the ideas are unique, but do the characters' personalities TRULY stand out? . but then again, i'm only up to chapter 17.

cheers. (yay! half more to go!) i will review again after reading a bit more, but i just had to say this much at least. i can't believe i didn't discover this story until now!

*added to favorites*
lool chapter 34 . 5/12/2005
Morgan Davis chapter 34 . 5/11/2005
oh thank god you updated finally! i love you so much for it! and will all the more the sooner another comes up! :) hurry plz!
Wild Child chapter 34 . 5/11/2005
excuse me while I do my happy dance. . *does happy dance* first of all you updated second of all you mentioned Lupe and I can't wait till the next chapter.
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