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i-see-faeries chapter 4 . 8/5/2007
Aw, this is sad. I feel so bad for Niall, and I can't help but think that Madalin is a bastard. I think they make a cute pairing though, and I can't help but hope their story ends happily. Safe to say, they're my favorite characters. But I do love this story, so update soon!
obsidiandreams chapter 4 . 1/18/2007
I read this story a long time ago but was too shy to review. I still really like it! Especially the twins. I am sad that things are not working out for them... or so it seems at the moment. I hope to read more soon.
Shadowy Fluffball chapter 4 . 7/9/2006
Jenn chapter 4 . 4/28/2006
Oh wow this is really good! I REALLY wanna find out what happens next so UPDATE SOON PLEEAASSE!
Drazuki chapter 4 . 4/28/2006
Now for that decent review.

I like the culture of the Sade, and the sheer difference of it from the other races mentioned. I love the interactions between Kalan and Moyo, and Moyo is quite a character by himself.

The twins are very interesting, and I'm curious to see how their little scene unroll "come dawn".

Ogashka is awesome, male or female. Her/his personality is quite interesting, especially coupled with Atishko's cowardly demeanor. Like the twins, I can't wait to see what happens with those two.

Write on!-KT
Drazuki chapter 1 . 4/26/2006
OKay, I have yet to read this, but that will soon change! This is just to remind me to read this, since it'll be on my favorite stories. I'll provide a decent review...
Prisoner-11 chapter 4 . 4/26/2006
Wolfwitch chapter 3 . 4/29/2005
This is very, very interesting! I like the different races and they way you describe them through lazily dropped bits of information here and there. The story flows nicely.
Ailenat chapter 3 . 3/17/2005
this story makes me wish that I'm there as welleverything sounds so mystical its all so well-written and the characters are overflowing with charisma (especially Niall, i love that guy)
lami chapter 3 . 10/3/2004
it's amazing. everythings so well thought out, i can't wait to read more of this. you have a real talent in my opinion, i've read some of your other work. this has to be one of my faves, so i hope you're still writing it. :)
Ree chapter 3 . 9/13/2004
Wow. *incredibly impressed* That was GREAT! You should update again soon, because I'm now completely enamoured with your story. Great job!
Yohji chapter 3 . 8/17/2004
I liked it.. Your characters are really funny. Update soon..
Hopechest chapter 2 . 7/13/2004
Well, I stopped by to see if you'd updated. The story was going well, so I encourage you to continue this story.
Muna chapter 1 . 12/9/2003
I'm gonna strangle you if you don't finish this! I know there were more chapters than this, chingu! Write more! In all seriousness, this is a great story - original language, interesting characters, engaging story, an actual grasp of proper English grammar and spelling... why did you stop?
lorelel chapter 1 . 11/3/2003
dang you changed it again! what is it...the third 4th time? Only thing is that it's so confusing and u change your username ways I hope u update soon, I remembered the time I read it I was on chapter 9 or something.
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