Reviews for Connecting the Dots
Kit chapter 1 . 1/14/2004
Your love has amazing effects on everyone. Don't let others love effect who you are. You are perfection just the way you are. Love is unconditional tho it may not seem it. Especially mine.
Jaclyn chapter 1 . 10/20/2003
*bites lip*

This poem is like sinking. It's just that strong.

The title and summary, by the way, are unbelievable. Absolutely INSPIRED! I'm stunned.

And the poem. I love the way you start with 'and' - er, similar to the way I just did, heh. Habit of mine as well. It makes things seem more real, because no poem ever really starts at the beginning; there was always something before, something that led to it being created in the first place.

-Perhaps...refusal to eat

and my inability to accept your love.-

Which, wow, makes so much sense. Sometimes it hurts so much that there's just no room for anything else, both tangible and in-.

Or doesn't hurt at all, doesn't ANYTHING, and emptiness sometimes takes up more space than everything else, doesn't it?

Oh, I am getting all sad. Need to snap out of it, because have huge test tomorrow. Hooray. I love how priorities can get so freaking skewed.

And the last verse - like a punch in slow motion, so clear and painful.

Ugliness to beauty...oh yes.