Reviews for In the Beginning
James Jago chapter 1 . 11/4/2003
In response to Stephen Lawrence:

We can safely disregard the League of Nations, which was a complete joke- the organisational structure made any sort of decision impossible and none of the member states had yet recovered from the First World War. Today's UN is radically different in setup and degree of vigour, and back then even the mighty US of A paid attention to it.

Yes, the Arab League was stupid. But that was half a century ago, and none of it justifies the Israeli government's approach to the large Arab minority within their borders. There are extremists out there, certainly, but if serious efforts are made to grant autonomy to Palestine then they will fade away. Any remaining nutjobs who want to spread their carefully edited version of the word of Allah to the whole world will then (hopefully) be regarded as criminals by the independent Palestinian state and dealt with accordingly.
S. T. Lawrence chapter 1 . 10/31/2003
Ma'am, I've held back long enough...

To say that the UN was in it's infancy is an ignorant statement. The UN was born from the League of Nation which had existed since the end of WWI. To it had the respect it needed. It was the Arab League who rejected Resolution 181. That's nobody's fault but their own-it was partition according to population: you're problem lies not with the Israelis, but with the British and the UN. Israel has done nothing wrong except defend herself from agression. The West Bank was HUGE before 1967, along with Gaza and Western Gailee-there WOULD have been Palestinian lands and when they lost the 1948 war, they begged for those territories back. The same after 1967.

So yes, I believe whole heartedly that Israel is the good guys. They've been attacked by four armies at once, and now they have to negotiate with a terrorist and an organization that saw it's beginnings as a terrorist group-or are you going to deny the PLO was never a militant terrorist organizatioin?

You attempt to slander the Israelis on this site has infuratied me to no end. Do not thing for a second that the Palestinians are in this serious "plight" and they are innocent of anything the Israelis accuse them of. They had several chances to accept 181-they denied it.

Like it or not, the Palestinians had their chance from the same UN who now sides with the Palestinians for the most part. Amazing.