Reviews for Wish Me Away
inoperative chapter 1 . 11/15/2003
dude, i love you. that was some fucking awesome poetry.

god, that was brilliant - i can't believe you haven't got more reviews *glares at all who read but were to lazy to show some courtesy and review*

dude, no seriously this is one for the favs - it is, as i said earlier, fucking awesome. it truly is. and tryue to the word awesome - i'm in awe... hahaha yes, i am funny.

gred and forge: it was brilliant man. totally a hundred percent sheer brilliance.

caden: agrees

remus: i don't know what i'm doing here?

sirius: me neither... *looks slightly confused but happy enough*

*rabid fan girls burst in*

*fan boys discreetly enter*


*fan girls (and fan boys) leave*

yoda: matter not where we are - matter only does it that good poem it was. sadly, a rare occurence indeed

in these times (though born i haven't been...)

(...anyone who is noticing any spelling mistakes should know my now sheila can't spell - and should be getting over it...this includes sheila hersilf)

Sheila would like to apoligize for any none of this review and would very much like to inform anyone who doesn't like it - to go and continue their brainwashed lives... (sorry paula...i just thought you know - never to much randomness)

random comercialised popular person back from supre: what is this brainwashing you speak of?

*spots another popular person of a slightly elevated social status wearing short, pink, orange and a hideous green checkered mini skirt (that looks more like a belt)*

*runs and buys said mini skirt*

...*cough* ...once again sorry paula... you see - i was really bored... and it was too late to ring you, and .. and .. erm... well... *points to goat* he made me!
Holocaust Steph chapter 1 . 11/5/2003

*bands head on table* Damn you... I love your talent so much and hate it too. Love/hate thing. *is jealous*

Absolutely stunning... *goes to favourites*
jab chapter 1 . 11/3/2003
Bravo! I especially enjoyed the fourth stanza.I can't believe no one has reviewed this yet. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading.