Reviews for Into the Darkness, Away from the Fire
Lira-chan chapter 2 . 12/3/2003
Wai! *glomps* You pasted me a bit of this... So... Eh, screw, let's just -read-
"What he saw fulfilled his teenage dreams - a beautiful woman was showering. Naked. With no clothes on. Naked. His eyes widened, and he opened the door a little more."
I remember that. I still love it. But really- Joshy-boy, we get the idea already! *giggles*
"I didn't take a chastity vow, sugar. " She purred. "Just let me know when you're ready."
I still love her. Mina's a hoot... And Joshy-boy's fun too. And... *gigglefit* You said he'd calm down a bit after he got laid, huh? .
"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Did a gorgeous woman just want to have sex with him? She did! And she kissed him! He repressed the urge to squeal like a little girl, and quickly stood up."
"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Did a gorgeous woman just want to have sex with him? She did! And she kissed him! He repressed the urge to squeal like a little girl, and quickly stood up."
*giggles* Tis t3h cuteness, and just a bit remeniscent of Sean-bebby... PRINCESS. "to squeal like a little girl"
"If the boy mistook him for Mina again, he would get an ass-kicking. Oh yes. He would get one hell of a kooshing."
I love the Merblemikey, too... *.* *squee* He's so -cute-
Oh... I remember the whole thing about the merblemikey being an incubi... It was all FUZZY for a while, but now I remember. So he's back to trying to seduce people . Guess it doesn't work too well as a cute little fuzzball.
'Paid' usually meant 'laid' in Mina-speak.
The entire exchange with Mina and the Merblemikey was fun. .
And who is the mysterious man in the shadows? *assumes narrator-type voice* How does he know Mina, and what does he want with her? Find out next time, on "Into the Darkness, Away from the Fire"!
*dramatic ending*
Eh... I'm just being goofy. The title's too long for a TV show! *giggles* So... Strange... *dies* I love you. Must read more DB. Must write. Must do many things that I'm not doing. *cuddles* I'm out.
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 11/29/2003
_ Tis the me. Again. Yanno? Taking a short break from DB to read one chapter of something else... Because eventually I shall read it all, providing many, MANY spastic reviews... But... Oh, hell, there's no logic here. I love you! XD *cuddles*
I like the Joshie-boy already. All your characters need stupid alterations of their names for me to use, y'know? _;
'Stupid Nikolas.' He thought bitterly. 'OOh, look at me. I'm a stupid king. Which one of you sexy ladies wants to touch my big, hard staff-'
Yeah, thoughts like that help the liking. _;
"Miss Greenspell will meet you in the square in Avalon."
Just like you're "Mina Greenspell," huh?
".. Wait. Greenspell?" The name caught his attention like a shiny object floating in the spring breeze.
I -love- the shinies, and the name caught my attention too. _ For a different reason, of course... Youngest daughter "Minako"? This is becoming quite fun... *.*
Yep yep, Mina Greenspell alright. Pretty little thing? *giggle* And a kitty, too. Ah, Joshie-boy's a smart one, ne?
". You don't look like a priestess." He muttered dubiously. She looked more like a prostitute to him.
*giggles* "pretty" Erm... Yeah? PROSTITUTE! Jake-baby's my prostitute... Was... Well... He's Nate's... Oh, hell, better not confuse anything. Back to -this- story.
"Is it true what they say? I mean.. that you brought a dark lord to his knees?"
"His knees, yes. And countless other positions." She smirked, looking back at him.
*grin* 'Nuff said.
"It was a puppy. A big, ferocious.. puppy."
*sweatdrop* Go Joshie-boy?
"The thing that killed my family." She murmured softly. Joshua winced. Oh, nicely played! She'll be -begging- to jump your bones any minute now, Joshua. Hey, why don't you stab her with her own sword? That'll get her all hot for you.
You already know that I'm a big fan of the whole 'inner monologue' thing.
Mina shifted back to human form. Joshua couldn't help but notice that she was practically in his lap. 'Think unhappy thoughts..' He thought frantically.
I just -liked- it. Is that enough?
The creature was about the size of a large housecat, with big green eyes, floppy ears, and a long foofy tail. It babbled happily, licking Joshua's face and slobbering all over him.
"Bad Merblemikey." She plucked it off, and lightly bapped it on the head.
Fucking adorable? XD Mebbe I shouldda reviewed that whole little Merblemikey sterry thing... Whoops?
"No, he's not going to shower for you."
XD Shower? *giggles*
"Sounds good." He stood up, holding the Merblemikey and carrying it to the guest bedroom. He couldn't shake the feeling, however, that the Merblemikey was watching him get undressed and shower. It was eerie.
That's just... Silliness. Fun silliness. I love it. *watches 's well* ...No I am -not- a perv. Whatever gave you that idea? _
As he slept that night, the Merblemikey happily snuggled up to him, and Joshua couldn't help but wonder what the rest of their trip would hold. Hopefully, no more puppies.
And that was -funny- Puppies. Poor prince. XD XD XD
Yeah, this shouldda been shorter. Whoops. Feel da love.
ddz008 chapter 1 . 11/15/2003

Keep writing!

What is the Merblemikey?

French-Fille chapter 1 . 11/14/2003
Heh, you already know how much I like this one.

I love the name!
inlov3 chapter 1 . 11/14/2003
good story
Devious Angel XDemon chapter 1 . 11/14/2003
That was a really great start! I like it lots. Plz continue.
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