Reviews for Why?
zzaKri chapter 1 . 12/21/2008
You know... This poem almost made me cry... I felt the same way, except that, I've never learned how to get up after being told how stupid and useless I am by both my mom and dad... I've always felt I'm not wanted,'cause whenever I see the four of them, my parents and younger brother, together, they look so happy, but when I enter, that happiness seemed to have been destroyed al of a sudden... Maybe it's because I'm a PMS child that they don't want me, but it wasn't my fault that I was one... *sigh* YY

By the way, you did a nice job on the poem... :)
Wren Craven chapter 1 . 11/18/2003
ok, this poem made me cry. i'm not kidding. i liked the way you used a concrete form for your poem, and the message is so sad, but still true. is it a true story? it's incredibly well written, i cannot find a flaw, except that it isn't longer to enjoy! keep up the great work!

if you get the chance, please read and review my work, too!

chloe carpenter