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Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 6 . 9/20/2009
Interesting verbal wrangling between Malhavoc and Nikodemus here, Take note I didn't use the term debate lol! XD Anyway, it's pretty nice of Tallon to do the healing free of charge. Also interesting snippets of Galen's character in a brief way although it didn't do much on the development. Actually, the verbal war left me stranded here since I'm not sure whether it was started because Nikodemus was being a dickhead or is it just some kind of lol prank done on Malhavoc. But then again, this was a good chapter on the whole. Nothing much to comment. Sorry if this review is short. My brain can't think of anything much. :S And yeah, hope to see your review on long updated chapter of The Eternal Grail soon. I might be starting on a new one within the next few days. ;)
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 5 . 8/4/2009
Heya there. Me again. :) Anyway, glad to review this one again. :) Well, basically I did like the way you reveal Malhavoc's reason for accepting Galen and how you led this aspect of the plot to his humanity. As for Galen, he's still pretty much the same old self here, so I'm not going to say anything new. The meeting with the companions is rather interesting though. It's like they're not the kind of people you will expect in fantasy or even real life. And I really went lol at the interaction here especially Malhavoc's advice to Galen. The Kel part especially made me laugh. Just by imagining what he might do to Galen is a free frag standard Harold and Kumar stoner joke. :D And yeah, in case you still don't know by now, The Eternal Grail is up with a new chapter albeit it's an actual take on crude random humour at the expense of some of my reviewers including you. Just don't take it seriously and I'll be looking forward to your review. ;)
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 4 . 7/20/2009
Herro there. Me again. :) Anyway, glad to review you after such a long time. Okay, basically I guess this is pretty much of a filler here since I don't really see anything plot relevant. But still this chapter was a good read in a sense that the pacing was quite well timed. I think you could have done more on the magic fight though. In my opinion, fighting scenes are all about visualizing and imagination, plus the most important of all, the right kind of writing brain. I think you got the last part done, so I'll be looking forward how you can actually fare on the former two. ;) And Galen seems more and more like an idiot to me. In a very real sense, his character isn't realistic in the aspect of human nature. I truly think you did that on purpose, so I don't have anything with that. Malhavoc though has a good potential to be a lol character due to the nature of his pride conflicting with his inner personality. And Galen really has an imba potential. Possible that he can surpass Malhavoc?
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 3 . 6/19/2009
Wow finally I'm reviewing you again. :) Sorry for being MIA for some time. My PC died on me unfortunately. :( Anyway, that's an interesting insight on Malhavoc's character here. With that being said, I'm truly curious what actually warranted this aspect of his character although I guess I might need to read the prequel for a certain idea. And I don't know why, but Galen really seems incredibly naive here. I don't think I can actually find someone like him in fiction, let alone real life. And I truly wonder about Galen's ability here. It really seems somewhere along the line of divination although it's possible that it could be so much more than that.

Anyway, glad to see a happy end for this chapter. Been reading too much cliffhangers to be honest. :S Well, here's looking forward to read more of this story soon. I truly want to know more about what will happen between Galen and Malhavoc. ;) And yeah, when you're going to update Bane? I'm stretching my neck out for it you know. ;)

P.S: Done the first chapter of a new story here. Hopefully I can get this up today before I go off on my customary arcade trips later on. :)
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 2 . 5/26/2009
Well, I really like the conversation between Galen and Malhavoc. The way Malhavoc went wtf at some of Galen's words really made me go lol. With that being said though, from Galen's words, I don't think he's pretty much of a bright guy. As for Malhavoc, I'm starting to think of him as some kind of lol character now. :D Anyway, interested to see how Malhavoc will react to Galen's request although I've got a good idea on how this will end. ;) Apart from that, nothing to say. tbh my brain has gone sort of dead right now. And yeah, hopefully I can see some really cool magic here plus how this whole system actually works. :) Anyway, thanks very much for your review on Atheran. And yeah, is you internet connection okay now? I actually think that this is the reason for you only reviewing Atheran. Anyway, guess you know by now that Circles of Arven is up with a new chapter. Hope to see your review for it soon! Bye! :)
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 1 . 5/24/2009
I don't know why, but this one struck me as a certain parody here. I'm not too sure about this, but I can guess this might be a good humor fic despite the official sub-genre. :) The whole issue with the lich was rather interesting in a sense that the whole thing took a turn for the anti-steroypical aspect.

All in all I don't think I can actually comment on anything concrete since this chapter is just a warming up by my estimation. But I'm interested to see who is the one who followed the lich. Definitely there's a good reason for that. And I don't know why, but my impression of Chance here is an equivalent of Perez Hilton. On a side note, I still can't forgive that guy's stupidity in asking Miss California a damned-no-matter-how-you-answer kind of question. That shit actually created a certain buzz within US, so if you're an American, you should know more than I do for this one.

And I honestly envy that undead dude in a sense that I'd really like to have an half-elf girlfriend in fantasy. Either that or a full blooded elf. Just not too sure about whether the undead are considered impotent lol! :D tbh the mention of the half elf girl really shot me into the thoughts along the line of Resident Evil hentai. :S But enough about sexual talk. my brain is in no-sleep state now, so it's only a matter of time before my brain goes bzt. x.x

So yeah, will stop here for now especially since I've still got a friend here to review. Also Circles of Arven is done with a new chapter after my prolonged laziness. Maybe the whole thing will be up within a couple of days. I think you've got me in your author alerts, so just look out for it. ;) And yeah there's still the new chapter of Atheran for you to review lol! :D

P.S: Just a curious question here. Did you go wtf at Kris Allen winning this year's American Idol? I swear Adam Lambert looked hands down to win the shizzle and I'm definitely not alone in this opinion. On an interesting note, wonder how the bookmakers reacted to this whole thing. Definitely either winning big or losing big depending on how the bets go. ;)
DigitalScripter chapter 1 . 9/27/2008
It was a good job. I'm guessing this was the story you mentined in your first review of Corago? It was interesting for me to see how someone else uses a narrator. I could still be wrong. Good work.
Islandbreeze chapter 13 . 8/19/2005
I like how this is coming along, and I still like Malhavoc-he isn't a goody goody now, that's for sure:). Galen's interesting, and all of the chapters here flowed well. I thought the conversation about Marissa, the clothes, and his only being bones was tres funny. It's an interesting story and I'm awaiting an update!
Islandbreeze chapter 9 . 8/17/2005
A funnier ending of this chapter, interesting to see how fatherly Malhavoc is acting when he certainly didn't want to start out that way. This is progressing really well I think, and your characters are great!
Islandbreeze chapter 5 . 8/17/2005
And again, another interesting chapter. Malhavoc's musings made him seem more realistic, more 3D and through his thoughts about Galen you also showed more of his nature. I like finding all this out about the characters!
Islandbreeze chapter 4 . 8/14/2005
Malhavoc was funny, and that chapter was great with the humor and detail. Galen seems like a good character too, more room for development with him I think. This is good, I would read more but we're having company so I'll come back later! But nice job on what I've read.
Islandbreeze chapter 1 . 8/14/2005
Interesting start, I like your style and the description. Seems like it leads the way into a very interesting plot, but I'll have to go on and find out!
MAmbler chapter 5 . 7/22/2005
Sorry I have been gone for so long, I was off at a martial arts school in Baltimore, but I'm back now and still reading. This story is great- I know you claim that it is not humor, but I don't know- its pretty darn funny. Keep writing more!
Mako-Streak chapter 1 . 7/8/2005
Whee! *claps* Great beginning! On to the next chappie.
MAmbler chapter 2 . 7/8/2005
This is GREAT! Oh, it's so funny... Malhavoc is the best. I love his unintentional sense of humor. My favorite is “Liches often lie!” Malhavoc announced. He held the pose of pride over a victory, but his shoulders soon drooped with defeat, “but I don’t.” He threw up his hands. “You win for today.” Thats a great more and ill review more!
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