Reviews for The Bus Station
ZealWarrior chapter 1 . 12/9/2003
Hehe, you always come up with the most interesting ideas for your poetry. As usual, this was marked with what I have come to expect from your talented pen: great style (especially the linking of words like the smile, or the demonizing of technology), superb word choice, nice use of setting and character and a great ending.
But you know all that stuff already, I could go on for a long while about that (as I have during GTI). What I wanted to talk about was the similarity between your beliefs and mine. I too, in my work-and in life, glorify nature, while showing the hatefulness of technology. And as you said, you don't like the bus because it looks like a weapon; too me it does as well. But alas, I have to rely on something that has become so dreadfully ingrained in our society-our way of life.
I am, by no means, someone who likes technology, even as I click away at these keys, but like I said, I have to partake in it. If you read my stories carefully you'll see how I put down technology and praise nature.
Oh, one thing I REALLY LOVED, was the setting. I have to say that I take the bus almost everyday, mostly because I like buses better than cars, and that the whole rushing on to the the bus and the people acting like savages-all true! That's exactly what it is. I see it almost everyday, and it seems like all people care about is getting on that vehicle first and grabbing those seats. It's scary alright.
Oh and that whole staring business on the bus, yeah I find that very familiar.
Anyway, you know I like your poetry and writing and feel that you've had some of the most original concepts for them (that I strangely relate to) and that I wouldn't want you to stop writing...especially if you're willing to dedicate GTI to me in the future. :) And don't worry, if I become a writer and publish any of my fics, your name will be in the dedication.
Take care, ZealWarrior, aka: Heenay