Reviews for Don't Change Your Plans
sappyromancelvr chapter 4 . 11/15/2008
I lovee this story!

Please continue!
cbprice25 chapter 4 . 6/2/2004
I enjoyed this chapter, write more please!
RoseEternal chapter 4 . 4/18/2004
First off, I'd like to say that I really like this story. I do love everything British,
Dang, Meri's RICH! A manor, a lakehouse, a suite at school, and a condominium? And wait- Meri's not even out of highschool! Oi!
Well I can only remember one error in this chapter. You typed "Jams" instead of "James". But that hardly even counts as an error, it's a name spelling...
Great job, and please update soon!
HighOnAirGurl chapter 4 . 4/18/2004
hey! great story! could you update soon? please? i like james, hes so cool!
Thanks a ton!
Angelhealer chapter 3 . 2/27/2004
really interesting idea you have. Love the characters, especially James...he acts, writes, and can even compose music! anyway, can't wait to see what you're going to do next!
kristina toffland chapter 3 . 2/26/2004
this is such an awesome fic! I'm loving every minute of it! keep up the good work! okay, and please come and check out my fic "Living with Trey Duvall," and tell me what you think of it!
cbprice25 chapter 3 . 2/26/2004
I'm really enjoying reading this! Update soon please!
spurs0405champs chapter 2 . 1/10/2004
Sorry it took so long for me to review. Just had some other stuff going on. Okay, I love the plot. It's really good and original too. Just a few things though. First...Meri's college. I'm just a little confused and curious. Is Berklee something you made up or is it a real place? Are you referring to UC Berkely? As in Cal? And second thing has to do with grammar. When you put a sentence in quotations, the sentence within the quotations will end in a comma instead of a period if you're going to add something at the end of the quotation like "he said" or "she said". For example~
~*~“Of course Meri.” Dean Erickson replied (Here, the period after Meri would be a comma instead)~
If that doesn't make any sense, feel free to email me and I can explain. If you would like, I can beta one chapter for you, so you can get sort of a drift of what I'm talking about. I hope you won't take this as a flame because it isn't. You have talent as a writer and hopefully, with a few minor adjustments, it could be even better than it already is.
Courting Insanity chapter 2 . 12/28/2003
Awesome update! I hope she takes the job and is James the leading man? [whistles]. I'm pretty fond of the Madison character now. She seems pretty loose and carefree, somewhat the opposite of Meri. I liked the chapter length too, it's long enough. More soon please!
Brid Micheal chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
great start. can't wait to see wat happens next!
Beccs chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
Nice start!
spurs0405champs chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
That was really good! I liked it. It was nice and down to earth and really incorporated a lot of the beginning information into a developing plot. It also has a mysterious edge which makes me ready to read more...(that leads me to my next points which is update soon...LOL). One thing might want to explain more about Meri's background and why she's at the school (I know she's really good at music...but was there something that led up to it?). Okay, well keep writing because it's a good beginning and I can't wait to read more.
kristina toffland chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
i like, just i want to get intot he story where they meet and all that good stuff! i have a fic up about a fan and her movie star too! can you please review it and tell me what you think? lataz, KRis
Courting Insanity chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
Intriguing first chapter. I loved how you wrote it and I can't wait to read more soon!
Moz chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
Great dialogue, intriguing first chapter. More, please!
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