Reviews for The Maze
ZealWarrior chapter 1 . 1/1/2004
-Odd, intelligent, and confusing. That's how I would sum up this work as. Odd because I've never read anything the likes of this; also that the way you set up the story in the begining was odd to me because I didn't at once get the point you were making until the very end. Intelligent because it was pretty amazing how you set about creating this little tale and its contrasting characters. The whole idea of them going through the maze and having their own different method of getting to the exit was pretty brilliant. I liked how one man studied his surroundings, trying to learn them and not leaving anything up to chance.
-The second man however did the whole "process of elimination" thing which worked, but took longer. He also, when finding the exit, thought himself to be smarter, while in reality it was nothing more than dumb luck. And as you said, these two are like everyone, trying to find a way in life and both have different approahces to it; I'd say I'm a mixture of the two, studying, yet leaving things to dumb luck.
-I said it was confusing because, well, until the very end I didn't get the point you were trying to make. I mean, I understood some of it because from the summary you said this is in the poetry section because it has the category of life while fiction doesn't. Actually it was more cool than confusing.
-I don't know what else to make of it. As for the actual writing; it was very well done. You presented two scenarios, two different beings in one similar situation and the way you phrased everything showed how both were searching, but in two very different ways. Very nice, I like the maze and what it represents. I really am out of ideas to further list because I just have to learn to interpret it better, but I have to say this was really amazing and as always, original. Great job Julie, keep it up!
-Sincerely Heenay, aka: ZealWarrior